Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where I live! Bor På Storhaug, Stavanger, Norway! :D

This is where I live in Norway - at Storhaug in Stavanger. Here is a few pictures of our very Scandinavian pad. I love it so much, but I really miss the family, especially this Thanksgiving weekend :)

It's a big, bright place at the top of a new 4-storey apartment building, with a nice big balcony for the cats to play on in the summer - and hardwood floors all over.

The ceilings are all angled, so it's about 12 feet high in the middle - and slanting down towards the outer walls. I love it when visitors come in and ask if there's an apartment above us ... I'd just love to see what their floors would look like - bit of an uphill in the kitchen, perhaps ;D

It's a bit minimalistic for my taste - I can't wait to have a proper big house back in Canada - which I can decorate in both Canadian and Scandinavian styles. But it's a great apartment - and right in the center of town.


Jay said...

I've always wanted to live in a place like that! I love to read Dwell magazine and I'm always checkingout the modern green houses as well. Minimalist is soooo cool, i love it!

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