Monday, November 23, 2009

Wolford: Winter Wonderful Tights!

As some of you may know, I wish I could live like Lady Gaga's no-pant life, but for now, I rock some pretty sexy tights. Ever since working at Wolford, my love for tights has heightened and I am probably rated semi-obsessed by now.

I've found a couple of lovely patterns that are super warm in the winter. I was almost sweating tonight, wearing them - despite all the holes. They contain silk, which can also be warming in the winter, and cooling in the summer. They also have some lovely, fine merino wool for extra warmth!

The two I am wearing in each picture are Dania (top picture, colour moccasin) and Nirina (bottom picture) tights. Taylor Swift (love her) was also sporting the Dania style in black when she appeared on the town getting some ice-cream :)

Definitely suggest these!

You don't have a Wolford shop in your area, you can find them online. Make sure to check out their beautiful "ready-to-wear" collection!


Marianne Braca said...

Ok... um Michelle, not really fair... can't seem to get them here in Canada... or can you? :)

Unknown said...


There is a Wolford in Toronto, just off of Bloor St. But, check Ebay too! :D


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