Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying Home

As I write this, I am actually on the plane and have about 4 and a half hours left of my flight until I am home (well, then there's an extra 2 hour drive after immigration and customs)! :D

My parents are coming to pick us up from the airport, with Ben Thanh Vietnamese cuisine in hand! I’ve been craving it to death, such that it even creeps my dreams and causes my stomach to growl in a teasing manner at night.

I just finished watching Julie & Julia, and I loved it. I felt I could really connect with both characters emotionally.

I loved Meryl Streep as Julia Childs. The connection to Juila Childs living in France and having to learn French with a big American heart - I see myself in her, with me living in Norway, being a little more outgoing in sometimes shy company - not saying that all Norwegians are quiet, as there are also wonderful extremists here. After all, I am in Europe and anything goes there. One of many things I truly love about Norway ...

I also enjoyed Julia’s optimism, passion and joy she brought to every part of life, down to shopping for delicious and fresh foods.

Right now, I am listening to the Ellipse album by Imogen Heap. I aspire to sound like such a talent. Such a pretty album to fall into a sleepy airplane trance (I can never fall asleep on here).

Funny that when I finally post this, I will be home sweet home. Weird. It’s the future!


Fonda LaShay said...

glad you got there safe!! have a great time!

and Hi from the future :P it is friday at 13... haha

Unknown said...

Aw, I miss you!!! See you when I get back and Merry Christmas :D


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