Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jessica's Natural Foods: All Natural Gluten-Free Granola!

Holy Granola! I ate almost all three bags of this uber delishous treat in one go, without feeling any measure of guilt - for filling my body full of bad preservatives as this great snack contains absolutely NO artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, trans fat, or cholestrol.

I usually get insane headaches after eating candy and refined sugars but of course this didn't cause me any pain - as it also contains no highly refined sweeteners.

Jessica's Natural Foods have done their research and found gluten-free oats (as they usually contain wheat, being milled in the same facility) and mixed them with magical ingredients, depending on the flavour.

There are three choices; "Almond Cherry", "Chocolate Chip" and "Vanilla Maple" - and they all taste equally divine! I thought I would break down each of the flavours to help you decide. But, it would be in your favour to be indecisive and try all three. They are just that good!

Chocolate Chip Granola: I really liked the chocolate in this one, because it was very tasteful and not overpowering at all.

They seem to be semi-sweet, which is complimentary to this mix, while rocking a sweet taste of honey, brown sugar and maple syrup, to keep the pieces together - with a nice hit of vanilla and cinnamon right at the end.

Almond Cherry Granola: These dried Michigan cherries make this granola mix. Seriously. Like all of the flavours, they contain flax seed which is so good for your digestive system, making it quite easy to digest.

The almonds remind me of Christmas when mixed with the cinnamon. This also tastes amazing with milk - eating it as a cereal. Hense eating the whole bag (all three over a weekend span) without feeling sick nor sluggish, like after most snacks I try (other treats have loads of refined sugar which can really exhaust you).

Almond Cherry Granola = Extremely good.

Vanilla Maple Granola: I think I may be a little biased and homesick, as this flavour reminds me of my mother's homemade apple crisp (which is amazing). Being Canadian, maple plays a huge role in my life, and this granola flavour hits my heart strings and tastebuds just as much as the first two, but adds a little sprinkle of sentimental taste that I was missing :)

Pure vanilla extracts taste like quality throughout this flavour. I think it would be wonderful to sprinkle this over vanilla ice cream as a super easy treat for guests (and your tummy of course). I'm truly loving this one as well.

People with sugar sensitivities can also benefit from this nutritional trio. Being all chock full of natural ingredients and not overly sweet, but ... healthy sweet - if that makes sense :)

You can order all three of these, or whatever flavour strikes your fancy, from Jessica's Natural Foods here.


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Do you see how I've lingered here reading your posts as if I were a crazy fan but I can't help it your blog is most interesting.
Thanks for sharing all the very best and warm regards,

Unknown said...

You are the sweetest, Simone!

So happy you love reading this, as it drives me to write more :)


Jay said...

Arent these awesome! I loved them! I got really posessive when my family wanted some though. Screw 'em...these are mine!

Unknown said...

I know!!! They are so amazing! :D Mmmm!!!


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