Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cottage and Curling!

This weekend we are going up to the mountains to the family cottage. I am going to try my luck at cross country skiing again this year, as I didn't do so bad last year - and watch Norway VS. Canada curling for the gold!

I hope this isn't a weekend setup. The only Canadian surrounded by Norwegians... up in the mountains...??? :D

Should be ok though, I'm sure but I will tell you now that I am rooting for Canada all the way!

Wish me luck ;)


SockBoy said...

Going to be aaaaaweeesssoooooome. Tell your Norwegian men that they had their win in 02, it's time to let K. Martin & Co. have their gold. :)

Unknown said...

THAT GAME WAS AWESOME!!!! We had the game the whole time! I like that other bartender looking man, he was fierce! They had it and yes it was Canada's turn since Norway did indeed have it in 02! K.Martin & Co. Killed! Amazing! Can't wait for the USA/Canada game now!


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