Friday, June 4, 2010

My Lovely Trip to L.A!

(Here is an entry I made a few days ago, but after hearing about my dad and operation, I put this one on hold, but now I finished it, so here it goes!)

I can't wait to visit that wonderful place again! The things I didn't get to witness was the "Hollywood" sign... and the walk of stars. But, that gets too touristy for me, so next time I will check out all that good stuff along with museums and such :)

We spent our trip in beautiful West Hollywood, where we stayed at "The Farmer's Daughter" for a couple of nights at first. It is right across the street from the awesome "Farmer's Market" and the greatest grocery store around, called "Whole Foods Market", where they had LOADS of gluten-free products - I was in heaven! Everything in that store was organic and so organized! I could totally survive living there!

Oh! There was also another cool grocery store chain called "Trader Joe's". I actually just loved the packaging for popcorn and toilet paper, as if it was an old circus - with beautiful Victorian prints on the bags and all organic as well!

I even got a toothbrush made out of old recycled yoghurt containers! The coolest thing about that is - if you save the wrapping, you actually can send your toothbrush back, and they recycle it for new toothbrushes! They even had the "left-handed" toothbrush made out of old recycled 1 dollar bills. It was very interesting :)

While we stayed at the Farmer's Daughter, (TART is their restaurant with the best avocado California omelettes!) we walked over to the lovely "The Grove", in which I could easily live and work and spend my life. It was like the Disney World of shopping.

We made ourselves at home in the Barnes & Noble with my Green Tea Latte with Soy and good ol' Chelsea Handler, making me snort out what I just drank from silently laughing so hard.

We stopped in Venice Beach, whose southern part is also known as Muscle Beach - which was quite an experience. The best part of that place was also the cute bookstore where the owners left notes in the books of their favourites. They even had a cat walking around, rubbing up against his favorite books and jumping in his most coziest shelves :)

I loved that little guy :)

The reason why they actually have the name "Muscle Beach", is that there is actually a gym outside where you can watch these showoffs pumping iron. It brought on some good laughs. Good for them to perform their workout regimens so well ;)

That beach was beautiful though!

That night, we stayed at "The Andaz", which is located right by "Hotel Merimot" - the hotel of the stars. Expect they pay $600+ a night, while I get to sit 2 doors down, at a great hotel, for half of that :)

Although I would like to experience that hotel for one night and see who I can meet up with :)

The top picture was actually a sticker on the floor-to-ceiling window in our room at Andaz. I was in love with the decor of this place, and I will definitely stay there again!

We drove the best car of life (thank you to our friends for letting us borrow it!), where we got the most compliments at every stop-light. No joke.

It was a rare 1968 baby blue Ford Galaxy convertible. It was like riding a boat with the most comfortable seats!

I wish they made those seats for houses! So comfy and such a beautiful ride :)

Here is a picture while driving to Malibu beach, we stopped at a tasty Thai restaurant in pretty much the middle of nowhere - called "Cholada", where I also can't wait to eat again!

I even got to drink out of a young coconut with the best tasting, freshest of juices! Mmmmm... I loved Malibu, as it is very quiet beach, and very relaxing. :)

Shopping was lovely in LA as well! I loved the Beverly Hills Center and Nordstrom Racks, where I found some great Versace sunglasses for far less than half the original price. That store was the best find, ever!

I had to stop at Betsey Johnson where they had the prettiest, most wild looking store! I bought my big, black flower ring there. The experience was so fun, as they were offering the cutest cupcakes, strawberry juice and hot dogs because they were celebrating summer!

I just had the juice, but the hubby ate a cupcake for the both of us :)

As for other shopping, it was by respect to stop at "Moods of Norway", where they had this wonderful sample sale. So, everything in the upcoming fall collection, was at sale in the store for a quarter of the price (these were all samples in sizes small and medium, and they pretty much only had one of everything). Seriously! I got me some cute shoes, and shirts.

The store was beautiful as it had it signature gold tractor in the middle of it. I just love the whole package!

I say, if you are in the West Hollywood, Robertson St. area, to check out the store.

I sound like a crazy spending person, but this wasn't the case. That is all I bought and at extremely affordable prices. So if you go to LA to do some shopping, you can find a lot of beautiful things for cheap (and not knock-offs ;)

I can't wait to go back! Next time with my little girl so I can go buy her (me) an "American Girl" doll! ^_^!

I have wanted one forever... Seriously. :)


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