Thursday, September 30, 2010

X Factor 2009 Winner Joe McElderry Does Norwegian Donkeyboy Cover!

Perhaps some of you recall me writing about that oh-so-catchy Donkeyboy track "Ambition" LAST August. (Yes, I know a good song when I hear it! Click here to read and listen to original version) and it was recently re-done by X Factor winner Joe McElderry! I heard his version a week ago, and I can't believe I forgot to write about it! I think he does a wonderful version of the song, and for many of you this is probably the first time you've heard this track.  Norwegian band Donkeyboy was smart to let this song go to a much more popular fan base. Good move!

Anyways, I love this video and this James Dean-esque, pretty boy does a lovely job!

Enjoy his version, below! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MINI Scooter E Concept!

I've always dreamed of owning a Vespa, if I was to get any sort of scooter, but today I was shown something else that has really sparked my interest; a 2-wheeler from MINI!

Yes! They have made 3 different scooters and I am in love! Perhaps I can get the MINI scooter to match my MINI (Agent) Cooper car (yes, I love Twin Peaks!).

"Mini this week in London unveiled an electric scooter concept, appropriately called the Mini Scooter E Concept. Three of the design studies were built, with two going on to next week's Paris Motor Show while the third, inspired by the swinging 60s, stays in London. It uses a Smartphone as an ignition key and is powered by an electric motor that's rechargeable at any conventional power socket." - London Free Press

I can't help but swoon over this video...

What do you think of the new MINI Scooter E concept?

Enjoy it below!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

3 and 4 Week Update!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gluten-Free Namaste Foods Pizza Crust Mix (to die for!)

Yes, you read that correct! This is probably the best tasting pizza bottom I have never made! I am pretty skeptical when it comes to a lot of gluten-free flours out there, but this one tops my list on every level! It's from the Namaste Foods brand of products and they all seem to be fantastic so far!

I must say, when I mixed this up, the consistency was still very wet and weird for me - as it was like a very wet dough you had to spread out on the sheet/form to make a form of a pizza 14" wide (the package can make two 14" crusts).

I had very big doubts about this crust. Then while keeping close watch in the oven, I started to trust it might actually work! This crust is great because they have already added some tasty spices into the mix.

Once we covered it up with topping and threw it back in the oven for the remaining minutes, we took it out and chowed down what tasted like a dream!

Holy moly this was insanely good! Was it even gluten-free? I had to go over and read the package again ... just to make sure my eyes weren't imagining things :)

I got this at a local natural foods shop in town here, but I have seen this brand in a few stores. Anywhere they would carry organic foods I guarantee this brand will be there!

If, for some reason, your store doesn't carry them, it does say to ask your local shop for them by name!  If you are gluten intolerant or just want a change in pizza crust (because it's THAT good!) I highly suggest buying yourself some Namaste Foods Pizza Crust Mix! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Reason Why I LOVE Babybot!

(This was intentionally supposed to be posted on Friday!)

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out the window by my door, to discover a box on my front porch. I thought "I haven't ordered anything lately ... have I?". I then opened the box to discover the most beautiful, perfectly wrapped gift - like the ones you only see in the movies - and it was for me!

I am a frequent shopper to Babybot, and it is one of the only stores I strongly recommend to people. They are amazing, providing both fast and free shipping. Every package includes a checklist from a cute beaver character who inspected the shipment. I am so lame - I save them all. Everything is just so cute, as they pay such great attention to detail!

The curious among you wanted to know what I got, as I tweeted a picture of the box yesterday. So I thought I would not only write about what I got, but how one of the things I got saved me! Yes! They sent me the best soother of life!

Edie got a "Natursutten" pacifier, which sounded very Norwegian to me - and turned out to be a Danish company! Of course Edie, being half Norwegian, accepted and fell asleep to this brilliant, Scandinavian, 100% natural rubber soother.

It is actually softer than silicone and sits high past her nose, but it is soft enough for her to breathe proper. It also doesn't turn, like other plastic pacifiers, squishing her nose and causing her to spit it out right away (well - it's round, it doesn't matter if it turns).

I can see why it was awarded a top rating label by the German magazine ├ľkotest, which apparently is the leading eco-testing periodical in Germany. I seriously had issues with every pacifier and they must have heard my plight! You have to replace it every 4 to 5 weeks, but it's totally worth it!

She also got this cute-as-heck doll by Alimrose Designs (Native Bush Babies), designed in Australia. The detailing on this "Daphne" piggy tails dollie and craftmanship is of very good quality. I feel safe enough giving this to the little girl to lay with - and very soon play with - as they have sewn on the eyes (no choking hazard) and all the rest of her pieces are very well intact. The size for her is perfect! She is in love :)

It's crazy that I also received a natural muslin swaddling blanket, as I didn't have anything like it yet - and I actually was interested in the aden+anais lovely swaddlers from Austraila as well! As you can see, I put it on top of her other blanket and she gave me a big smile :)

She was pretty happy with this, too! It seems to be nice and breathable so it's great for the summer. This means I will be using it next year as well, as it is a very generous size. It will be able to wrap up little Edie for quite some time still.

As I thought that was more than enough, I was surprised with a Babybot original "Oggie" onesie with a sweet felt frog from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The onesie itself is made out of sweatshop-free cotton, a fact that I love. Very nice to know :)

It even came in the cutest, white little material bag! Again, packaging is always amazing with them!

Babybot's website is epic in itself. I love just browsing around to see what is new and just to see all the cute characters that turn up on the site.  If you are looking to make a registry, they now offer such a thing and everything is free shipping! I am really excited to get more of these soothers!

You'll also fall in love, I'm sure - and if you don't have a baby, I promise you'll want one after you make a visit! :)

Dad Goes Nuts Dancing To Bieber!

This is what dreams are made of. Justin, if you see this - you need to hire him as your future back-up dancer. I need to learn these sick moves! He upstages his daughters 110%. I love!

Enjoy this Ricky Martinesque dad, below!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Edie Marie is 2 Weeks Old! (With Video)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kohler Flipside Handshower = Brilliantly Scary

I saw this iPod-inspired commercial last night - and as some of you may know, I have this fear of shower heads. Ever since I was a baby, I stared at them oddly and I had a hard time going to other people's houses, as I was unaware of the bathroom circumstances and how big the shower heads were or how scary they looked.

It's still the first thing I do when I check in to a hotel room and in different countries they vary in looks and sizes. It's quite interesting and I get a rush to check them out.

I am so happy my husband entertains me by following me in and looking at them with me. We enjoy rating them like a fine glass of wine.

Yeah, it is a totally weird phobia, and I have a hand-held big shower head in my en-suite, which I love, as I can take it down to use - which makes me feel in control of it.

Anyways, apart from my super-oddness, this commercial caught my attention. Not only because it's a shower head, but because it is something I think I could really use and love! It's a Handshower, which already sounds nice. I want the Kohler Flipside Handshower!

Enjoy this commercial below!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

OiOi: Sophisticated Baby Bags!

It's been a little difficult to review a few things before actually putting them to good use, but now that baby Edie is around, she is helping me give the "thumbs up" to a couple of great products!

When I found out I was pregnant, one of my first and possibly most shallow of thoughts was; "Will I have to lug around an ugly diaper bag now?!". As I am a huge lover of fashion, this was sadly becoming an "issue".

After much reviews, I came across OiOi baby bags, hailing from lovely Australia (read the OiOi story here), this mother knew how to merge fashion and practicality.

It was difficult picking out a bag as they are all so beautiful, but I had to think of the husband, who wouldn't be caught dead rocking a pink frou frou type of bag or anything too feminine. So I picked a happy medium, which was a gorgeous black, quilted-styled bag.

The wonderful thing about these bags is not only the fact that they are roomy, but they have a place for my keys and my cell phone.

They also come with a roll-up changing pad, a bottle warmer, and a plastic wipe holder case for the wet nappies. It even has extra straps inside, so you can place it on your stroller or buggy perfectly!

I don't mind wearing this as a purse these days, at all! I will still hold my own and carry a purse - after all, that's one of the best things when the seasons change! (and something that is guaranteed to fit right now ;)

If you are looking for something lovely, gorgeous and useful - I would definitely concider the OiOi baby bag. You won't be disappointed!

Check out more of their beautiful bags, here!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Naked & Famous : Punching In A Dream!

If you are lacking a little MGMT beats in your life, and want something that sounds similar but equally as cool... if not cooler  - Check out The Naked & Famous hailing from New Zealand! I love this video and song for "Punching in a Dream" which is on their latest album release called "Passive me, Aggressive you" that has been available since September 6th :)

Check out the lovely song and video, below!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

38 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant: Welcoming Baby Edie Marie Hermansen!

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