Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Prediction of Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress! Will you be up to watch the Royal Wedding?

Here is my new carpet - a Union Jack in the living-room to commemorate such an awesome occasion! ;)

It's the night before and I am so excited about this wedding - as if it was my own child getting married, or perhaps me! I feel nervous for the princess to be, as I feel I can relate to her so much.

I decided to predict her dress! Even though Kate will be a modern princess, I think she is going to bring back some vintage Victorian, couture-style. It will be fresh and not stuffy looking. Maybe Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen may be the designer? Who knows - but hopefully she went British :)

First of all she will have the huge cathedral veil which is a given.

I believe her hair will be up, perhaps in a high proper - big bun.

Classic bun like Sarah Jessica Parker
The neck would go up like this - but with buttons down the back and long sleeves in lace or solid.
Kate will probably wear ivory - not white and, having to wear long sleeves, I see almost a bolero styled top going into dress with old Victorian-styled silk buttons down the back. The sleeves are either in a English lace or solid ivory material - but not to heavy for Spring. I do see a lot of lace, though! But, like I said, still nice for Spring! :)

Back with silk buttons idea.
Closest to my cupped
shoulder thought.
I also see it with a little cupping on the shoulders, but a form fit to the arms.

Also, high frill for the neck (but not too frilly or much at all), even though I see it high up in the neck like a turtleneck but open in the front from the neck going into a sweetheart cut (see photo below).

I think Kate could rock a dropped waist for her long torso - so I see a corset fitting to the dress but perfect enough in fit, because it's obviously made just for her. Then, like I said, the little buttons down the back.

The dress will go out like Princess but not too poofy like prom dress styles - or just bad wedding dress styles. A beautiful big-gown transition. Like a nice flow to big - if that makes any sense? The dress below has way too much stuff going on, but with cleaner, classier lines would be great - but it's the best way to explain my idea.

This dress is too busy/messy but it's the closest I could find to my open turtleneck/sweetheart top explaination.

The top also could come in more like this, to hide more skin, respectively.

There will also be a lovely and extremely long train (of course!).

For jewelery - I see deep blue tear-drop sapphires (if not - straight up diamond tear-drop earrings) and gold pieces to match nicely with her engagement ring. I don't think she will go over the top - but enough to show she is going to be crowned a princess.

I am so excited!

I wonder how close my prediction will be :)

Time will tell!

Will you be waking up early to watch the Royal Wedding?


Chris said...

I've been told the wedding will be on our bedroom TV bright and early. Actually, probably won't be bright at all. :)

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Yeah... It's pretty early, but so worth it! :D


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