Wednesday, March 14, 2012 gets an original art makeover by Meowza!

Amazing work of my favourite Muse, Edgar Allan Poe called "Nevermore"
This transition has been a long time coming! Last year (already) I asked Meowza who works at Tiny Speck with my brother, Endoplasmic, to help give my blog a little makeover. I was so taken with his quality when my brother sent over this amazing piece called "rabbit fetus" that he made and I HAD to contact him with some ideas I had for

"I want little bunnies, tea, oh - I love deers and gluten-free bread! Can I also have my white headphones in there and me playing my guitar? Like a picnic setting, you know?" I felt bad for my outlandish demands, and had zero idea as to how he would translate my jibber-jabber. But working with the professional talent that he is, I could not believe how fast - and amazing - he made my thoughts into something so much better than I could have dreamed them to be!

So, this beautiful picture sat on my computer waiting to make her appearance, that last night she finally got to hop on to where she belongs :)

You might recognize the style from my brother and sister-in-laws wedding invitations and save the dates

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful, insanely creative, super talent work on my site!

You can also see Meowza's (Brent) work along with his equally talented wife (Brandi) on, where their wonderful imaginations soar together in creating super cute little characters.

You can check their lovely Etsy site here if you want to take those little creatures home and give them a big hug! I actually got to dress them up
on their page, and you can too!

So, here is to many more blog posts, and fun coming your way! Thanks to everyone who keeps reading, and to my new readers - welcome!

Much love!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Best How-To Fishtail Braid Tutorial!

I posted a photo today of my hair via Instagram, as I have tried and finally had some success!

I've tried many, many times to do fishtail braids.  I would get half-way and end up with 3 pieces, resulting in a regular braid near the end.

Instruction videos have gotten a lot better on YouTube, and I have to give this girl credit for making it so much more easier to understand and explain! This video makes it super easy for us ladies!