Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada Vs. USA Hockey Starting Now!

I am so happy I get to witness the most important game of life that happens every four years. Despite the time difference ;)My post is going to be short because I need to watch this in all of it's Canadian glory! I say it will be 5-2 or 4-3 for Canada of course! What do you think the final score will be?


Curling was Amazing yesterday! Kevin Martin and his team took it home!   So proud to be Canadian!

Ok, going to watch now :) 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cottage and Curling!

This weekend we are going up to the mountains to the family cottage. I am going to try my luck at cross country skiing again this year, as I didn't do so bad last year - and watch Norway VS. Canada curling for the gold!

I hope this isn't a weekend setup. The only Canadian surrounded by Norwegians... up in the mountains...??? :D

Should be ok though, I'm sure but I will tell you now that I am rooting for Canada all the way!

Wish me luck ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Matryoshka Dolls!

My lovely hubby was showing me some interesting sets of Matryoshka dolls, because I love them so much. Well - we were trying to find how many they can actually stack within eachother and we came across one expensive set of 30 stacking dolls! They start at 18 inches tall! Insane!

We were loving it up until we scrolled down to the very bottom of the Ebay listing which included this VERY interesting "How-To" for Matryoshka dolls ... I'm rendered speechless!

I was sold, for sure. Enjoy this video below!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grand Island: Love In Decay = Your New Favourite Song!

Love in Decay is such an awesome song! I was just shown this as an option to see live, but unfortunately my heart is deep set on seeing Zeromancer (click the check the song Dr. Online) that same night.

So, I thought I would write about this awesome, Oslo (Norway), based band and how they stole my heart this morning with this track called "Love In Decay", below.

If you are in the Stavanger area, they are playing at Checkpoint on March 6th! You should go see them for me!!!

If you can't make the show, check out Grand Island's new album called "Songs from Östra Knoll 1:22" which I will probably go and check out now as well :)

I LOVE this song soooo much!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still Wears the Crown for my Favourite Norwegian Commercial!

This commercial isn't really new here, I remember seeing it a couple of summers ago - but I finally found it on Youtube. I would definately buy these LADY paint products because of their awesome ad campaigns.

Enjoy the alternate "Take On Me" video version to the Norwegian band A-ha!


... and - for nostalgic reasons - the original;

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So Proud of Local Figure Skaters Receiving Gold - and Making History!

I feel a little upset I didn't get to witness this event first hand last night, it was truly history in the making.

However, I am sooo happy that our local figure skaters (Ilderton and London, Ontario), Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, danced their way into becoming the first North American couple, as well as the youngest ever Olympic figure skating ice dancing champions!

Virtue (20) and Moir (22) did a beautiful and flawless freeskate to "Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5". You can read more on this amazing historic Gold winning here.

Congrats! So Proud!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Citroën 2CV 2010 Concept Car

You may recall seeing the original Citroën 2CV in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only" (Click this link to refresh your memory). But now the French Automotive company has brought back this cult classic in the form of a new concept car, released to the press to impress. And it does!

I love this car, minus the big over-sized infant car seat that I would most likely cut myself on (this is concept of course) and the motorcycle helmet styled steering wheel.

Check out this video of stills of this car. My favourite would have to be the "eyes". So pretty and vixen-like! The grille looks like lips to me ... and the purple ... I love the purple! Enjoy the fat beats in this video too... ;)

Below this video - see a video of the old 2CV - and it's history.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hong Kong Spring/Summer 2010 Collection by OPI

It seems like only yesterday that I went ahead to purchase Alice in Wonderland's "Mad as a Hatter" and "Off with her Red!" from the OPI collection, but I am already purchasing my summer colours from the new Hong Kong collection, as the colours are glorious!

I have not received my "Dim Sum Plum" in the mail yet, but I am totally feeling the coral orange colour called "Hot & Spicy" as well. I honestly cannot decide on any other colours or else I would buy the whole collection!

OPI has a great gold in this series as well, which I will probably also have to buy, eventually, called "Bling Dynasty". The oranges are bright, but wearable, and the whole palette is to die for.

I think I am half falling in love with the photoshoot, as I want to own all the clothes in this collection and wear my hair like these beautiful and chic Asian women do. Will you be buying any shades from the new Spring/Summer 2010 OPI line?

Check it out and "try it on" here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cat Massage!

The cat that is being kneeded looks exactly like my kitty Tobias, but he has lighter coloured ears and a slightly longer coat. This video is good, but this is the WHOLE video. Just a cat massaging another cat with awesome Japanese beats in the background and cute little cat chit chat :D

This video makes me somehow want to be even more lazy today, after making a huge meal!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Norway "wears the pants" in these Olympic Games!

I had to post this gem of a video :) If you haven't heard of the crazy jester/argyle Norwegian pants, then you might be left in the dark! Meredith Vieira from the Today Show seems to have fallen in love and has got a pair for herself ;)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can't Get it Out of my Head!: Buffy Sainte-Marie "Goodnight"

I've loved this song for years and it has been in my head for a few days now - I love it! Buffy Sainte-Marie reminds me of a lot of Summer/Autumn nights back at home. This Saskatchewan Canadian-based Native folk singer has been a musical and creative inspiration to me. She teaches me how to relax and be free.

I think there is some Indian blood on my dads side with our high cheekbones, as well as my fascination for the native culture, shared by my mom. We had a dream catcher in our van for years. We were protected :)

I just love listening to this talented and diverse singer. I would love to cover her song "Goodnight" - we will see :)

You should check out the album "Coincidence and Likely Stories". I first discovered Buffy Sainte-Marie at a secondhand shop and the rest is history (yes, I listen to records as they still give the best sound ever).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Norwegian Jester Pants That Hypnotized the USA to Fail!

Well, the Norwegians are amazing curlers along with our Canadians, so no matter what they wore they would have beat out the States by a long (sweep sweep sweep) shot! I think I liked yesterday's practice pants much better. It set a definate Norwegian flag statement!

Now, about that Hockey game that I didn't even get to witness (tis a shame)! It came on at around 2 am Norwegian time and there was no way I could have stayed up for that, unfortunately. I am so in the wrong country for these Olympics right now!

But, of course Canada beat the Norwegians (being Hockeyville they better have), but when I heard we won 8-0 I had some questioning of their playing skills. Word on the street that they were 0-0 after first period, which makes it semi ok.

But, I am proud of Canada for their fierce as H.E (double hockeystick) mad skills. But, I will say - if it was 0-0 after the first period, Norway put up a good fight. I want a replay of this game, anyone know where I can watch it and where it will actually stream in Norway?

My dad tried to hook me up with some awesome HD streaming video from CTV last night and that didn't go over well on my end ... (photo credits to

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Norwegian Curling Pants!

Apparently the news in Canada wanted you to wait until tomorrow to see those super cute Norwegian curling pants,but here is an early bird preview of them all festive in argyle!


Week 10 (and 3 days if you want to get technical)

Check out what is up this week with me here. :) This is the cutest creature (and slightly creepiest) thing, I have ever seen!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monster Heartbeats by Lady Gaga!

St. Valentine shot me with some heartbeats yesterday! I have been oogling these headphones since the beginning of time, and I am SO glad I have! These are the BEST in-ear headphones I have ever owned!

The bass is there, I am not missing any low-end sound but there is still that clarity as if I have my Boss headphones on (that I crushed recently) :(

Dr. Dre teamed up with Monster (the best cables in the world) giving you the fullest, most powerful, extremely clear sound that no other little ear-bud could ever offer in my opinion.

They also come with a cute carrying case and different ear-bud sizes to match and fit the most comfortably for you.

I usually have issues with in-ear phones causing me earache and discomfort in the ear canal. These ones let my ears still breathe while still giving me the ultimate sound. The design of these little monsters are beautiful! Gaga really knows how to put her flair on things.

In the future I would like to own a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre - proper mixing headphones. This man knows his stuff and I am pretty excited to try them out in the future too!

But, I can't rave enough about these heartbeat earphones though! They come in three colours and I've always wanted and received them in a red, because they remind me of the colour of hearts and my passion for music :)

I am very grateful for these! You can check out more info and purchase here. You can also purchase these at Amazon and Bestbuy.

Heartbeats complete my soul!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day everywhere!

I will tell you what I got tomorrow - and we also had a wonderful dinner at Bølgen & Moi  again. They made it wonderful and gluten-free!

Unfortunately, I am too tired today to write anything more, but I will let you know more tomorrow. I hope you are all enjoying your day! ( I really want these ornaments!)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tante Michelle is Babysitting Tonight!

It seems I don't have much time on the laptop as the little puppy is needing some love and needs to sit right on the keyboard. She is seriously the most calm and quiet dog I have ever met. She is so relaxed and chill, but still quite curious.

The picture we took makes me laugh as I am squishing her head forwards. She looks soooo uninterested and I just love her little white spot on her nose!

This beagle loves the dried pigs ears. It has been quite a busy day and tonight I have a dinner party and need to start to make some food!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!

Today is the official start of the winter Olympics in Canada, and I must say I am a little bummed that I am not there right now! But, I got to catch a little bit of the Ski Jump qualifying earlier today (even before the Games had properly started) - and that always gets me proper dizzy watching it. It was fun and comforting though.

I wish I was actually in Vancouver so I could buy up some MukMuk, Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi merchandise!

Right now, I am happy with the travelling tag that I forgot to use on the way home from Canada this last time! Oh well, I can use MukMuk the Vancouver Marmot to take me home safely in March.

I took a picture of my travel buddy while on cardboard moving boxes (yes, it's getting close to send this stuff on the boat!).

I am happy with the multiculturalism of Canada, but I also love how they kept with the native roots with all of the art and promotions. I love it!

Make us proud Canada! I know you will! :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HIM: ScreamWorks: Love In Theory and Practice

Last night I took some sweet time listening to the new HIM album, being a big fan of their previous work. I've been to numerous shows and have even met them briefly in Toronto. They give off very good vibes :)

I must say their latest album is a big production album and I had to listen to it through the headphones to get a full appreciation for the mix of it. Yes, this album is extremely poppy and it really sounds like HIM wants to break into the States in a big way this year.

When I hear the songs "In the Arms of Rain" and "In Venere Veritas" they, lyrically, remind me of something that would be on the future Eclipse movie soundtrack. Very Twilight of them (I would love it if they made it to the soundtracks)!

I am not too crazy about all of the tracks but they are growing on me. My favourite would have to be the very last song, called "The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness". It sounds like something I would produce if my setup was a little better; it has the same style and I wish I wrote it too! I will put it for listening pleasure below.

This album is very guitar driven, like most of their stuff - but it's very big! I feel Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice is sort of geared towards a new, younger crowd - and I am in love with the old stuff.

The best show to me was probably when I saw them in Paris in an old-looking Opera theater. The vibe was there and they still had that darkness and underground goth vibe, as if I was at a Sisters of Mercy show. I still love them, and it would be great to see the new material live, as they are one of the tightest bands I've seen.

The other tracks I seem to like is the very catchy "Scared to Death" (can't stop singing this one!), "Disarm Me (With your Loneliness)", and "Shatter Me With Hope".

Do I hope they release something less poppy in the future? Yes, I hope they give us some b-sides that may have been too hard, or something a little under-produced - or maybe acoustic. Those are my favourites :)

You should go out to buy the album and check it out. I hope they come out with a cool big version of the front cover, because I am diggin' the nun and those beautiful religious photos. 

Here is my favourite track that gets to my heartstrings :)