Friday, July 31, 2009

Casper The Commuter Cat! =^..^=

Casper has been taking the #3 bus in Plymouth for months now, as he takes his 11 mile journey to the local Fish & Chips establishment, meets up with his buddies Bob and Mittens for brunch, then hurries home just in time for his English Mother, Susan to return from work. Casper is a 12 year-old retiree and is now eligible for a "Bus Puss!" (love it)

Enjoy Casper's little voyage below.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ice Age in 4-D!

Well not really, but in connection with this video post below, it makes sense. :) As you may have guessed I finally got to watch Ice Age in 3-D! The movie release has been out in theaters for quite some time, but here in Norway we had to wait for the right version to be played at night. You see, they have both regular and 3D versions, in Norwegian, but also different showings in English; regular, with subtitles (nah!) and finally - 3D without subtitles (yay!).

I dare say I have not laughed so hard in a long time. My favourite part of all time would have to be the egg babies. Funniest faces I have ever seen! Laughed my ass off! Oh Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko ... such a bad egg! :)

If you haven't already enjoyed this video, I highly suggest watching it below ;)

Thanks to Endoplasmic for sending this my way eons ago. Hilarious!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Number 23!

Yesterday was a great way to ring in my 23rd birthday! I got the Moods of Norway dress that I wanted, but unfortunately it was too big! They were cool enough to send me a new dress, in my size - but in a navy colour that isn't even out in stores until this fall. I have zero idea what it looks like, but I am pretty pumped to be the first to own it! :)

I had a wonderful 3-course meal at Bølgen & Moi. They were awesome in contacting us back about my gluten allergy and saying they don't use any flour in their dishes. I was super stoked to eat EVERYTHING at a restaurant for once.

We had this wonderful mussel soup (waiting to satisfy my taste buds, post-salad, right) for starters. I didn't actually eat the mussel themselves, as they remind me too much of the dancing mussels in "Alice Through the Looking Glass" (see them doing a song and dance below).

It was a nice spicy frothy soup that I could have taken in a Starbucks Venti cup to go. So good!

We also had a delicious chicken for the main dish and some cinnamon penna cotta later - with green tea of course!

The restaurant is housed in the same building as the Norwegian Oil Museum here in town. I can't wait to go back and try something new (that Caesar Salad better watch out!).

They have a great summer menu (which is what we had)! It's a another great place to have Gluten-Free dining, allowing us food-intolerant to venture off the appetizer menu once in a while. :)

Bon appétit!

Oh - I must thank my cousin Cait for the MSN birthday graffiti at the top of this post :)


A cool candid shot, while walking through the museum to get to the restaurant.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My New Guitar Hero!

There's something awesome about this little one! I am in love with this child! This 5 year-old prodigy rocked his way into my heart with a cute cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues".

It looks to me like Neil Young caught a case of the "Benjamin Button" disease! ;)

Enjoy him below :)


Happy Birthday!

So, not only was it my birthday today, I also want to thank "Stains" for not eating my tray of gluten-free cupcakes ;) (Thanks Endoplasmic for the animated gif. LOL's)

Being a Leo and born in the year of the tiger - I am one crazy cat!

I also want to celebrate some influential people that have impacted my life and have been great muses for all that is creative in me today.

Beatrix Potter (28 July 1866 – 22 December 1943) One of the greatest authors of all time. Her imagination and stories have been in my life since I was in my mother's womb. She made Peter Rabbit come to life and made going to bed a little easier on my parents.

Beatrix still lives on in daily life (whenever I'm calling out my cat's name or browsing her miscellanious merchandise at many a store in town) and will live on through my children and hopefully my children's children (way too many children to think about). Beatrix Potter, thank you for being there for me!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - girl, you've got style! (July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994). "The First Lady" in office and in awesomeness! She has this calming grace about her. I wish I could have met such a wonderful woman. I loved all of your outfits! (check her draped in pearls to the right).

I also want to give a shout out to Terry Fox (July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981). Terry, without you, I wouldn't even have tried running in cross country meets in school. But you seem to move me when I think of how you jogged across Canada on one leg and a prosthetic!

That takes guts!

You know, I was so enthralled with you, that I actually made this one legged man out of things I found outside in a "Kids are it" week seminar? Our project was to find things outside in 45 minutes and to create something meaningful to us. Bear in mind, I was very, very young - and I actually had just your one leg hanging from the ceiling (built from the top down) when the organizer asked me; "Michelle, what do you call this?"

I said "Terry Fox- as you can see I only found enough for one prostetic-styled leg ... we have the same birthday, did you know ... this one time ..." (and I trailed off into Terry Fox's life) We would have totally dated.

Not a birthday goes by without thinking about these people. Lovely :)

On that note, I am going to add Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin born July 28, 1964) to my list of birthday memories. I will never forget when you stole hot Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) from our lives. You're perpetually gorgeous and he made a wise choice. ;)

Enjoy some put together Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis clips in "Full House" below:

If it is your birthday as well - Happy Birthday to you too :D


Monday, July 27, 2009

Ilse Jacobsen • Hornbæk

When it rains, it pours - here in Stavanger Town. Fortunately there are enough cool things around, to suffer the downside of such weather. A lot of people have been on the Ilse Jacobsen "Viking Boat" for a while, but I just want to commend some of her work on such a perfectly dreary day. Nothing makes a rainy day feel cozy like my snazzy Ilse raincoat! I put on that slick and comfortable piece and feel like I can face a hurricane - fashion forward. These raincoats come complete with a rain hat and extra buttons - just in case.

I originally bought this in a cream colour (check the lonely lady enjoying the beach - right) but there were black marks that kept appearing within the wrinkles on the material. They were so good with taking my coat back and exchanging it for a completely new and different one after I had wore it out of the shop - no questions asked! Great customer service!

Everyone seems to love her famous classic tie-up wellie style (shown left in my favourite colour) But I already own my Hunter Boots. If I could own a pair of Ilse's right now - I would pick up this pair of futuristic black patent leather lovelies featured below.


If you want a little something different to run in the rain in, consider checking out this Danish designer with a keen Scandinavian eye ;)

If you would rather stay high and dry - be sure to look at her handbags and other beautiful pieces in her collection. You'll be sure to adore them :)


On my way into town to buy some loose tea, last year when Beatrix was still a kitten

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gluten-Free Dining: Alletiders!

Dining out doesn't come so easy with the gluten intolerant folk, so I am going to try my best to review dishes for us to eat :)

Yesterday was a late lunch at "Alletiders", located in the heart of Sandnes, Norway. I always love eating there because they not only have a gluten substitute for bread, but for pasta as well! I ate the famous club chicken sandwich with this tasty garlic mayo dressing throughout. It's quite the treat (good and gorgeous - upper right).

I also enjoy drinking from their over-sized "Alice" tea cups. Alletiders is probably my favorite restaurant in Norway by far. Good vibes, great food - Eat it!

On our way back from lunch we found our favorite rock star sparkle spot (witness my Michael Jackson-esque "This is it" pose - below). No matter how you pose the lights follow you. It's the best at night for sure :)

It's a close second to the ever entertaining "Glowing Silhouette Wall" first experienced as an infant child at the London Children's Museum.
I suggest a day of fun there as well!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gladmat! Honey? I'm Home!

The food festival was pretty tasty this year! Our goal for the whole evening was to try and locate "The Russian stand" for some Rrrrrr*insert overemphasized roll here*ussian vodka and get us some good honey-covered ribs! We found it and enjoyed. (checking out the menu - heart marks the spot of my dish of choice -below ;)

As the Russians would say "Rrreal Rrrussian men drink vodkah puuure!"(Giving Marit Gjuvsland street cred for her awesome photography mid-convo shot on right)

As some of you may know - I am obsessed with honey, and I bought me some queen bee real estate on the block of this awesome honeycomb house...(Check out the bee's knees and a super sexy honey pot of my dreams below!)

The food was great, the company was cheery and the night was young and went on into the midnight sun :)

If you are in the Stavanger area, and would like to make your night extra sweet - try honeycombs and honey-covered ribs! You won't regret it!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight : New Moon - Watch out Rob Pattinson! Graham Greene is La Push-ing on through!

Everyone, including me, was pretty pumped about the launch of the official "New Moon" movie site.

I was pretty curious to check out the new cast members. I had to make sure Heidi was hot enough to fool me as good "bait" like she perceives to in the book. Canadian Supermodel Noot Seear sure meets my expectations (also love the name)!

She is Canadian and of Dutch decent? Why didn't they cast me again? I could also cut Vampire faces with my cheekbones... that would be my Vampire talent. If I could turn back time and pull out my old fuzzy leopard Spice Girl boots (I'm 5'4.5"), I am sure I could do somewhat of a good job ;)

Although I am pretty excited about her coming onboard, nothing gets me more excited than the casting of Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater! When I read that on IMDb my heart beat harder than a Native Drum! Charlie Swan knows how to pick good friends!

This actor has entertained my childhood years with his appearances on Canadian TV and specials, since we only had 5 cable stations in the country growing up (we also had the big flying saucer-looking satillite). I recall seeing him maybe once on the show "North of 60" (click to listen to the awesome theme song). This performance made such an impression on me, as young as I was. It must have had a similar impact on a lot of other people, as he was nominated for a Gemini Award (a Canadian Emmy) for that show.

This man has wise, wise eyes. In fact, he lives only an hour away from where I am from, back in Canada. I hope to one day run into him so he can tell me stories and tales around a good ol' campfire with s'mores (gluten-free "Graham" crackers - HA!) and hotdog spiders! Mmmm... :)

I also loved him in "Dances with Wolves" alongside Kevin Costner. His talent does not go unnoticed as he has been nominated and won awards. I think Mr. Greene as Harry Clearwater should be nominated for best supporting role! It would be wicked sweet to meet him one day :)

Make sure you check out his performance in New Moon in theaters November 20, 2009!

Mr. Graham Greene - future Harry Clearwater - you make me so proud to be Canadian! :)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alice Through The Looking Glass : 2? is reporting that Johnny Depp would love to portray Carol Channing in a Biopic. Apparently, she has given him her approval and would be very proud to see his version of her. They are both Amazing actors.

"The celebrated actor (Johnny Depp) told the UK Mirror that he would love to portray Broadway beloved icon Carol Channing in a biopic. Depp has regularly donned a series of bizarre outfits for his movie roles, he even dressed up as a woman for his starring part in the 1994 Tim Burton comedy Ed Wood. And by all accounts he wants to to go even further by playing the 88-year-old Channing." -
Harlan Boll, for BBW.

"Jam Tomorrow, Jam Yesterday... But Never Jam Today! " - Channing's motto as the Wickedly Wonderful White Queen.

Well personally, I think Johnny wants to get in on her biopic so she doesn't get too upset that he will be totally conveying her soul in the new Tim Burton twist on "Alice in Wonderland."

I don't blame him as she probably does the best role ever in the 1985 version of Alice. I wish I existed at that time to play her too. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how I watched "Alice Through The Looking Glass" as one of my childhood daily matinees.

Channing made that movie as she creeped into my nightly dreams as the White Queen ...

Witness her in all her geniousness below.

"Agh! My Finger's Bleeding... Aggggh!" ;)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Joke's on Us!

So, I just took a quick jaunt to the nearest convenience store called the "Joker". Last week in the local Norwegian paper Rogalands Avis, they reported of having 3 ghosts in the building as many strange things had been happening over the last decade.

Once the owner was fed up with his security cameras turning on for no reason and spirits lurking over his shoulder while he was finishing paperwork every evening, he felt he needed a medium to set things straight (scared on my way there - looking rather ghostly pale and Cullen-esque)

If anyone knows where the Joker is located, they would know it's right across from the Church and graveyard (there is ONE row of houses between us and the graveyard - that's how close we are).

Well, from what the medium found was that there was a German soldier that is actually buried under the Joker store. They also found an Englishman who fell in love with a local Norwegian woman, who killed him, of course. And a crazy old alcoholic knocking the goods off the shelves at night, clumsy fingers stretching out from the beyond ...

If I was the owner and had "connections" to the produce industry, I would definately take advantage of this and order hundreds of pineapples. Did you know that in the 17 -1800s, as inviting as the pineapple may appear, it was also a kind way of telling guests that they had overstayed their welcome and it was time for them to leave.

These visitors would stay for weeks and weeks at a time! Thus, they would place a pineapple in the room to give them a message - and they also had some fruit for their voyage back home :)

Oh, to live in a plantation home; rock victorian dresses and have proper tea time with ghostly ancestors! How deeply romantic life would be!

If you are in the Louisiana area, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Oak Alley plantation. It's a little drive out from "N'awlins." This is where "Interview with the Vampire" was filmed as they painted the walls to fit Vampire Lestat's decor. It is such a beautiful home and the oak trees are to die for. If you are needing a proper haunt or or maybe getting a group of friends together to host a Murder Mystery Night, a plantation could be of fancy! ;)


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

J'adore PYLONES!

Despite the Stavanger weather being a little gloomy the last couple of days, I am not going to let it rain on my parade - because every time I walk outside I am protected by my "Pylones" geisha lady (watching out for tropical storms on your right).

She is kind enough to open her dress while keeping a keen eye on the weather changes, as she gracefully floats her way through the town. I am a litte sad I can't find the other umbrella that I received at Christmas. I have been frantically looking everywhere for her ... but nothing. I was lucky enough to find a picture of her though.

She looks like my mom with the silver, futuristic hair in a straitjacket while closed up. Now that whole dress metaphore is a little creepy...

Much like the crazy, wonderful Italian designers at Alessi, Pylones gives you a little taste of France with their designs. I love everything!

I mean - I can't wait to clean off my car in the winter ... well, not really, but with this Santa Clause, at least I will have a jolly time while doing a cruddy chore :)

I'm sure most of you would enjoy cleaning more if the products you used had faces and stories. With Pylones pieces, you would probably clean every day!

Just imagine sweeping everything up with your bristled dress and brushing all the shizah onto the man in your life. Good if you are having a bad day. Or maybe you want to wash some dishes with this sexy matador prince, and wisk all the gunk in your life away with his dreamy hair.

Speaking of hair, if this lice comb existed circa 1994, I would go out of my way to rub my head against lice-infested heads in hopes of getting full advantage of this "Lice Queen" to teeth away at my hair :)

If you need to throw some extra spice to your daily regimen, I highly suggest checking out Pylones. They are great conversation pieces if you have company over, or company in themselves, if you're home alone ;) Brush and comb tea party anyone?

If you're in the Stavanger area, you can pick these fine pieces up at the Ting store ;)

They have a U.S site too! :D


Monday, July 20, 2009

Soft Paws! The Humane alternative to Declawing :)

In Norway, it is inhumane to declaw your cat's nails. Did you know that when cats are declawed they actually take out the outermost bone of their "fingers"? I had no idea that they did such a thing, because it is such a normal procedure in Canada. My Persian cat Krang is declawed and fine as he resides in Canada, where he lives to tell cat tales. =^..^= (check out his wise face to the left).

Soft Paws are actually nail caps or covers for cats and small dogs. We have been using them here religiously for a year on our cats Beatrix the Snow Bengal and Tobias the Ragdoll (He is wearing dark blue before we switched him to gray on the right ;). We were a little hesitant to try them at first because it just sounded so weird and awkward for them (however, that's a very unbothered Tiny Tobias and me below).

The first time we put them on was like putting on nail polish, as they didn't feel them at all! They went about their business playing and our furniture has looked awesome since ;)

They come in 4 sizes; Kitten, Small, Medium, and Large - and they come in packs of 40 with non-toxic glue included. There are so many colours to choose from! (check out Beatrix sporting Tiffany blue(!) below)

I have to say that is the best investment you could ever make if you are against declawing, or if your country doesn't allow it.

If it's keeping your furniture intact or you just like the festive colour selection. I promise you, you won't regret it!