Monday, December 9, 2013

Tove Lo! "Habits" is Beautiful!

I have this song on on repeat by Tove Lo called "Habits" and of course she is from Sweden. There is a magnetic connection between the Scandinavian people, their beats and I! The production is fantastic and incredibly catchy. I just love this woman's voice, also :)

This track is going to be huge and she should be Lorde famous :)

Enjoy the track, below!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 MINI Cooper S All4 Countryman!

Wow! I can't even believe I didn't properly post what car I went with - It was just assumed it made it on instagram/facebook/twitter that it would be everywhere - but obviously not my most important place. Here! It's really been a decade since I've wrote a post (6 months?!) and I feel so bad. So, here is a little update :)

So, basically I said goodbye to be beloved MINI Cooper in pepper white on pepper white (LOVED that colour) and got the new Cooper S All4 Countryman in white with the cool black roof and piano black interior and black headlights with all those fancy bells and whistles. The black around the lights was a wonderful safety feature to be seen in the snow. Safety is always first - but it was also imperative that I HAD to have the sound system (Harman Kardon) and navigation packages because I enjoy getting lost in the country on a warm summers eve from time to time... and incase my phone died while I was out - I could rely on this ;)

Like the original Cooper, I am equally - if not more blown away and in love with my new ride. The nostalgia from the first car I will always keep close to my heart - but I don't miss him deeply as much as I thought I would after getting used to his bigger brother. :)

The last post before my music one about wanting another child was really an idea that was going around ( one of the reasons I wanted a 4 door) - but I am very happy with miss Edie at the moment. Who knows what the future may hold for us - but for right now I'd like to focus on my music and just being a good mother to the little blessing and joy that I already have :)

Here is a picture (posted above) from my instagram account if you care to follow! It's been 6 months with this beauty already...Time does fly!

So, if you stumble upon my blog in perhaps a quest for a new car or just wanting a perspective from a MINI driver with a few years of experience under her belt - the countryman is the way to go for a bigger alternative if you need the space, but don't want to give up the MINI lifestyle ;)

If you have any questions,  as always - I'd be more than happy to answer :)

From now on, I will try and be better at posting more on here!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Song! "Control of Me" Ellemusic & Gerald Joseph Gardiner

Hey Sweethearts!

Finished another song this week with Gerald Joseph Gardiner! He's been a long time friend and producer of my music since I was 13. We always find a way to come together to make sweet beats - sharing our huge love for Depeche Mode and other great New Wave bands.

We collaborated on "Control of Me" and really hope you enjoy it! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Officially saying Ta Ta for now to my MINI Cooper!

Today I officially say goodbye, as I sold my MINI cooper and purchased myself a 4-door. I love my car dearly, but I've been seriously contemplating adding a little person (Yes! Crazy! I know!) at some point soon in my life - and I don't think I could put 2 children in car seats this way. I will say it was ok with just one, but the first year and a half wasn't easy as pie. (Pie is not easy)

It's weird to say I have this emotional bond to my Agent Cooper. (Yes, huge Twin Peaks fan here!) but not to the point I want to make-out with it like TLC "My Strange Addiction" styles. Click that link if you don't know what I mean ;)

I mean - just see at how awkward our relationship looks. We can't explain the connection - but it's there. ;)
My mother-in-law took this photo for me. She did a great job in all my awkward glory last night ;)

Anyways, I wanted to devote a post just to my first car and how amazing the MINI cooper is! I'll post my new car tomorrow - if I don't instagram it this evening. I'll give you a giant hint though - I didn't leave the MINI world!

Going to miss you, cute car! Enjoy 100x more driving from someone who can really drive you good and hard! xo

I'll also link the first time when I bought it! Good memories!

So long, chap. <3>

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave!

Heck YES! This is some fantastic summer music to dance/drive to! Crystal Fighters (British/Spanish) formed in Spain in 2007 and are making quite the impression with their "Cave Rave" album! It was just released May 27th 2013 - and I feel giant things are going to happen with this amazing group.

Some really wonderful production on these tracks that implicate a sweeter acoustical sound of the 60s/70s era with it's ghostly, soulful melodies - then it surprisingly pierces your soul with 80's synths that satisfy :)

 Some magical electronic music happening! It's hard NOT to dance around and jump in circles to this album... If you can't understand that  - Where's your soul? ;)

Here's one of their tracks - WAVE - the track that took my heart out into the ocean of Crystal Fighters!

"Separator" was the other song that I really enojyed as well! I see they have a video for this as well!

You HAVE to buy this album. I promise you won't regret it :)

*review based on my honest opinion as I purchase everything myself.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pt. Deux!

It would be a disservice to my mother if I didn't write a post about the vanity piece we both worked on together, a couple months ago!

The original pine, varnished desk was my gramma's and it wasn't in-use at my parents house. My dad could not bare to part with it, and wanted to keep it within the family. One evening my mother called to tell me she had the wonderful idea of painting it to use in my room. "As long as it's in the family" she said. I thought it was nice keepsake to have with me, too. :)

 The chair we left natural (thrifted), the mirror we used "French Linen" and a touch of "Old White" mixed together to match the desk. We watered it down a lot to give it a milky finish. Then taking a gold dust sheet - we rubbed it all over the edges to highlight the detailing.

The chalk paints are gorgeous to work with - no joke! We also took the same gold dust and darkened the corners of the desk drawers and their edges with the same golden sparkle. This was after it was clear waxed and dried.

It was good fun to do! Here are a couple art pieces I have in SUPER old frames! The top illustration is "Cat Woman" by Sandra Dieckmann and below was an extra little surprise gift I received from the lovely, and equally talented Kelli Murray! She made her hair brown as well! So sweet! You might have seen this same girl with blonde hair in my brother and sister-in-laws wedding video ;)

Hope to paint some other little things, soon!

Are you a first time Annie Sloan chalk paint, painter? How do you like it?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

A couple weeks ago, I posted a "before" or "while-working-on" projects - and then some events happened
in my life that just made me not in the mood to post, not to mention busy with the little one. :)

I will say, I am not a painter - I love to paint my nails and face as I find it therapeutic when I can concentrate on one thing and focus - because focusing isn't second nature to me most of the time.

It wasn't easy to make the decision to try and paint because I was afraid of failing! My painting skills are really that bad! Or, I just never applied myself.

One night my mom was showing me all these beautiful Pinterest ideas using her paints and the colours looked divine she was saying "Oh this is all Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!" both of us were getting way too over-excited and giddy! We'll simply blame the wine ;)

 We ended up finding a local retailer in St. Thomas called Diamonds & Toads (they are super
amazing!) and we brought home "Duck Egg", "Scandinavian Pink", "Old White" a small container of "Antoinette" and couple of her signature brushes and one for waxing along with her clear soft wax. It made it easier on the pocket because my brother and his wife also chipped in some money for my mom for Mother's Day, too!

We started on a little stool, and chair and end-table for Edie's room! The end-table started out a lighter Scandinavian pink, but once I brought it into her room it just became too much. Personally, I feel she wouldn't be able to grow with the piece as much as she could with the duck egg blue.

A little of this paint goes a LONG way! While you're painting, you'll notice it getting thicker an unless that is what sort of look you're going for - just simply add a few drops of water and mix it up again. You can also water it really down and have it more as a milk paint style. Her paint is just that versatile!

Using the Annie Sloan brushes made this project a breeze, and actually quite fun that I didn't have to paint my pieces a certain way. I think that is where my ADD creativity really got to shine on this one :)

The pieces are lighter than the actual colours because we mixed 2 parts Duck Egg Blue to 1 part Old White and the same for Scandinavian Pink - just to make it softer for a little girl's room.

Mom (she's helped me so much!)  and I recently did a project by painting my Gramma's old desk in "French Linen" mixed with "Old White" with the same mixing ratio - but I will post that one another day :)

The other WONDERFUL thing (there are so many!) about this paint is that it has no smell! I was happy to work with Edie talking and playing right beside me. So, it's very safe :) 

Here is her stool and chair. We did the "Louboutin" idea and threw Duck Egg Blue under the chair so when she rocked, it was an extra little surprise :) I didn't capture it, but I am sure there will be more pictures of her on it, soon!  Her little Maileg bunnies enjoy the newly painted pieces, very much!

Here is the end table with her other Maileg characters. The bed inside is even called "Duck Egg" and seem to match pretty close but a little lighter and a touch more green.

The little girl loves that small cubby for a mini bedroom for her mice and bunnies.

The stool is a little darker, because we used the dark wax instead of clear - so you can really see the colour difference. Both are gorgeous and classic either way :) (and obviously didn't get the stool in the shot, but you get what I mean ;)
Here is her room to see how it looks with everything else. :)
 Tobias, our Ragdoll cat is a huge fan of the newly painted pieces. It's his favourite room, now. He gives this paint 5 paws up! ;)

Get some Annie Sloan paint! You'll love it and best of all, you'll be able to work with it effortlessly!

Also! This is my 600th blog post, on! Woot!

Thank you all for reading :) 

*This review is genuine and out-of-pocket paid for.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Leave it to google to make such a cool image! Let's celebrate us ladies of the world! :) 

Maybe over some tea, perhaps? 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Sloth Offers A Gift!

This sloth melts me!!! The cutest fur face, ever!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Canada Prioritizes Zombie Apocalypse!

I love this clip so much, I have to share it everywhere!

"Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies" because we're "Dead-i-cated" har har har!!!

Love you crazy canucks!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Technically, I spent my Valentine's celebrations in Niagara Falls last weekend. It was quite sweet because the husband treated me to a spa day at the "Christienne Fallsview Spa" in the Sheraton On The Falls hotel where we were staying and also where we had our first date 5 years ago after meeting earlier that day in my small town - having a quick fish dinner and the "OK" from my parents to let me go off with this stranger man ;) 

The spa was amazing despite the mixed reviews on tripadvisor, which I am about to change. These girls are lovely, and educated! I got to watch the falls at sunset and the view was gorgeous :)

You also HAVE to eat at WINDOWS by Jamie Kennedy! The winter menu was divine with amazing preparation of the pork. A MUST-TRY are his famous french fries. Delightful! 

Here I am in all of my over-exposed glory - The man refuses to take more than one photo in public - so it's one and that's all I get! I have a nose, I swear! ;) 

I also took an early morning photo without any cars to enjoy the falls in it's powerful abundance of crashing waters. So magnificent!

Our unconventional relationship obviously worked out, because here we are - married and with a little girl who partied her "friendship" day to it's fullest. 
I was also blessed with some really sweet Valentine's day cards that were decorated to the nines in stickers :)

My sweet addiction to cinnamon tasting everything might have me at my weakest this week. I may have to grab a small bag of cinnamon hearts even though I have cut out sugar from my life. Maybe I can make it our last official break-up fling before properly quitting it ;)

Apparently anything cinnamon tasting in candy form is considered "Joke-candy" in Norway. It was so hard to find proper Valentine candies when I lived there or anything cinnamon-ish. Basically we get our Valentine treats from England because the queen loved the cinnamon flavoured treats, they were brought over to Canada (North America) 

I write cinnamon... a lot!  It's a cinnasin! Oh dear.

This post is obviously going nowhere - but I wanted to wish you all the most loveliest of V-days and if you're a singleton I raise my glass to you, sweethearts! ;) (But not over my laptop, like last time ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

King Richard III: Facial Reconstruction and Who I Think He Was!

After the discovery and announcement of King Richard III's body the other day, I couldn't help but get more involved in his story!

I found this King Richard III facial reconstruction video. Watching his face come to life really made him look like quite a kind man. Maybe history wrote him an awful man because they were jealous of his lovely looks ;)

I honestly feel that this King had a great heart, and that there was some sort of propaganda by the tutors after he had passed to sort of rewrite his history - because he was King at quite a young age and was hated for that. He was actually quite involved with the "commoners" and made changes so that poor people could also be heard in court hearings - even though they didn't have the money to back them. I want to read more about this King, but from someone who isn't swayed either way. If only I could call on my past lifes ;)

The similarities of him in this one painting to the right, and of Christopher Walken (left) are uncanny! It could totally be his doppelgänger! Wouldn't you agree?

Richard III obviously had swag, and everyone else around him couldn't handle it.

I don't think the King would have poisoned his wife, Anne neither - if anything I feel she might have poisoned herself out of depression. This was also her second marriage. 

These are my thoughts and as outrageous as they are - I feel compelled to know a little more about King Richard III.

It's truly exciting that they found his remains and to sort of bring his legacy back to life again :)

Enjoy this video of how they reconstructed the young King's face, below!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Church Sells Silence CD!

This 800 year old church in England is the next big recording star to hit the big time! What is it offering? 28 minutes of silence. This gem is being sold out quicker than they can keep up with! Pretty amazing! I actually want to buy a copy, because there is something to be said about the calmness of chapel quietness. Hear (or not) and read more about it here. :)