Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Cheer! (A few days late ;)

My goodness! I am embarrassingly late at writing another post! I am going to try much harder in 2013 by blogging a little bit more.

 It's been quite busy with a little one, and by the time you're done with your day - you just want to enjoy it alone, huddled up by the fire place, under a blanket playing on the iPad and wondering where the day went :)

I'll post some holiday photos that I never had a chance to post of little decorated areas around my house.  Here are my little Alessi Christmas characters (above) and my Alessi Nativity Scene! (below)

This next photo I finally hunted down a proper sized frame for. The original photo (above) spoke volumes to me, that I contacted artist Kelli Murray to customize her work to look more like me - and she did an amazing job! I love it so much!
 These Christmas boxes below, I used to put Edie's Christmas calender gifts in. She was so excited to wake up every morning to see which box I would pull out to reveal a little surprise. :)

 As you can tell I love deer, and I have to personally thank my mom for also spraying these white, and making these wicked vintage looking trees! She's so damn talented! Thanks mom!

Did you all have a good Christmas? Was Santa good to you? How will you be ringing in the New Year?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Heart Santigold!

If Boney M, M.I.A, Kim Wilde, and The Sex Pistols could birth a musical prodigy it would be Santigold! I've been listening to this amazing artist/producer for a short time, but I feel I need to write about her before year end.

My soul sings when I hear her and have such an almost tribal connection to her reggae, 80's pop-punk vibe. Glorious!

It would be pretty wicked to see this lady live. Such a talent! I'm sure most of you have heard her single "Disparate Youth" and if you haven't - you really should! I'll post it below.

Santigold's album "Master of My Make-Believe" is solid through in though. The production is fabulous!

A guaranteed fantastical purchase! :)

Enjoy "Disparate Youth" below

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør - Running to the Sea

It's very rare that you get 2 of your favourite Norwegian bands together to make some insanely powerful music. That is exactly what is happening with the beautiful Susanne Sundfør, singing atop the lovely drones and sounds of Röyksopp. I can't wait until this is released as a single. Gosh I wish I was within this musical circle :)

You can keep with the progress of this song by clicking the link here: and until then  you can enjoy this live version of "Running to the Sea" below! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meet Gwen: Her New HTC Windows 8X Phone!

This is the first time n my life that I MAY want to stray from my iphone (I can't believe I am writing this!) and get myself the new HTC 8X phone. It does look sexy, and I was slightly sold from the last commercial with that catchy and cute tune in black and white.

Gwen Stefani being my ultimate idol - takes the cake on swaying me even closer to this smartphone.  If she is using it to sketch out some sweet new L.A.M.B designs while receiving Skype calls from her babies, this might have to be my next phone! I use an older HTC model when I am traveling overseas and often times I get frustrated with it but  I might have new hope for this one.

We'll see, but for now enjoy Gwen in the latest HTC 8X commercial! 

May I also mention these phones have "Beats Optimized Audio" so some wonderful sounding MONSTER insides! 

Love it in this colour, too!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My New Favourite Song! "Take It On Faith" by Matt Mays

Holy heck.

The first time I heard this song I got goosebumps! The production is gorgeous and love the lyrics and melody. It's a track I've had on repeat and this wonderful, brilliant, Canadian man will win MANY awards!

This video also tugs at my heart strings - it's everything my soul emulates when listening to this track. With my vast Mexican following (I am being serious except for the vast part), I'd like to pretend this free spirited goodness would happen to me - *spoiler alert!* minus the mauling by wolves, which is the animal that represents my male side of my animal totem.

God I love this song and video. It's like a free spirited Romeo and Juliet.

Love, love, love!

Enjoy "Take It On Faith" song and video by Matt Mays, below! 

He's also playing live here in London, Ontario at Call the Office on Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 9:00PM... I NEED to go! Who's joining me?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Haunting! (Thanks Mom!)

I have to apologize for my lack of posts! It's been so busy with miss Edie in school, and trying to keep a house somewhat in order and music on top of that to work on and regular work - gah!

I just have to let you know how awesome and talented my mother is, because she surprised me the other day via her broom to drop off this wicked Hallowe'en sign!

The other side she also painted - which is fitting for Christmas, so all I'll have to do is flip it over after the witching hours ;)

Thanks mom!

Happy Haunting! (except these lonely nights that the man is out of town! ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BEST Norwegian Gilde Skinke (Ham) Commercial!

I JUST saw this on television and had to post it!

Fantastic!!! Haha!

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Song! "Come Around" by Zetto & Ellemusic

Photograph by:  Ralf Strathmann
Hey Sweethearts!

I have a new track that Zetto and I wrote for you all to check out!  It's another dancy number called "Come Around"

I would love to hear your thoughts, and really hope you enjoy it :)

Love from Norway, 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil

There are very few artists that truly bring me to tears when listening to them. Actually none that I can honestly think of off the top of my head unless it's James Horner (Casper's Lullaby) and The Snowman's "Walking In The Air" which gets me every time! I also walked down the aisle in my wedding to that track.  I guess I tried to secretly hide my crying eyes out at Tori Amos' concert last Christmas in Toronto when she sang "Winter" as well. But, as much as I get emotionally involved - I never get this homesick feeling as I do when I listen to Susanne Sundfør's music. Her lyrics, voice and super amazing production embodies everything I ever wanted to do with my own material. I've mentioned her a couple of times on my blog, as I found comfort in her music when I lived in Norway. 

 This Nordic native was my emotional security blanket that I very much needed while living far away from my Canadian roots - so much, that I wore out her "The Brothel" album and still hold it as one of my most prized albums of today.  

 "The Silicone Veil" doesn't disappoint - in fact I feel we grew up emotionally together in a way. My dream would be to open for Miss Sundfør - I just need to find an amazing band first :) Hearing her music is so angelic and tears through my soul and my old "baroque" heart. I could never listen to her in public without my eyes welling up to her glorified beats or sway with my eyes closed and totally stuck in my own zone. Her music is that perfect locked-in-a-room alone (the very thing I am doing right now) to take a moment and enjoy this fantastic music solo.

 I can't even pick my favourite song. This whole album is insanely solid and powerful. Do yourself a favour and buy this masterpiece along with "The Brothel" I really hope the whole world eventually gets to hear such a beautiful, Norwegian gem of an artist :) 

I decided to add few favourites from the album, although I lust deeply for them all - but these really stick out as "holy heck I wish I wrote these!"

Enjoy :) 


"The Silicone Veil" track (and current single) has such an amazing message.


 Gosh... I love them all :)





Friday, August 10, 2012

Face Of The Day Friday! (FOTD...F ;)

Why not a face of the day for Fridays? I do have a weakness and indulge in makeup and I have fun doing it -  and I am sure you love creating in many ways with it like I do, too!  I personally feel like a geisha when I get my brushes all out,  and when I start to paint - I get into crazy meditation mode when I'm doing it, so it goes a lot deeper than face value I think :)

Here is a photo I threw on instagram and now I am craving some black/blue hair... I don't think I have the guts to do it! It's dark enough :)
Growing up, my friends used to think it was weird that I needed to go to another room to get ready or that I did my makeup before going out to see them, because I actually enjoyed that time alone. :) I think it dates back to when I had to get ready for live shows and it was that time to go over songs in my head and get in "the zone" that I still do it.

Yesterday, I posted "Nana" lipgloss and "Fast Ride" lipstick by NARS and I wanted to show that they are extremely wearable and not too in your face with the colour, and that is it quite a lovely duo with simple eyes.

Here is what I ended up putting together:

NARS Sheer Glow in FIJI

Benefit Boi-ing in 01 and 02

Jemma Kidd Makeup School: 03 Pawpaw
Contouring: Jemma Kidd Makeup School "Contour & Flush Creme Blush Duo"

BEST Highlight creme I've ever used in my whole life! Jemma Kidd: Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in 01 Iced Gold (I would say I reach for this a hundred times more than Benefit High Beam, but both great products in different ways)

Eyelids primed with Benefit Lemon aid
NARS Bellissima Duo
Benefit highbrow
Benefit Eye Bright (in corners of eyes)
MAC Fluidline in Dipdown (Dark brown)
Benefit They're Real! Mascara 

NARS Fast Ride lipstick
NARS Nana Lipgloss

Necklace: Stella & Dot Tempest Bib Necklace (J'adore!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little quick post :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wonderful Birthday!

Sister-in-law (Moxylady) and I at Milestones in the AM.

I had such an amazing, blessed weekend (a couple weeks ago, now) and it went by all too fast!

Friday night before my birthday was fun with some lovely ladies as we had a double celebration.

 My brother (Endo) and my sister-in-law (Moxylady) came to visit as they were off to a wedding - but we had some time to have a tasty breakfast with my whole family at Milestones! It was actually a really nice and cozy way to start the day :)
Emily C and I ringing in my bday :)

After that, one of my BFF's Klaves came over, and we went to Sephoras and checked out some makeup and got super girly. She bought me a NARS lipstick that I have been craving for quite some time for the fall called "Fast Ride" described as a sheer mulberry.

 I also got some makeup from my other brother (Sockboy) and sister-in-law (Mandiemoon) including a NARS multiple in "Portofino" which I both swatched, I also added NARS "Nana" lipgloss on my arm because I also think it is badass over top of Fast Ride - but truly holds her own :)
Left to right swatched in natural light: Nars Portofino Multiple, Fast Ride lipstick, and Nana lipgloss.

Endo and Moxylady surprised me with a Kate Spade gift card, so I chose the "Villabella Avenue Celina" that I've been eying for a while (Those bows get the best of me!) that finally went on sale! I'll be anxiously creeping the mail lady as I can't wait for it to arrive! :)

@ellemusic on instagram! Follow me!
I posted a photo on instagram a few days ago of the necklace I also received from my parents which was a pretty nice birthday surprise :) I got the "Stevie" necklace from Stella &Dot that is quite beautifully detailed in person. The piece was actually inspired by Stevie Nicks and it means a lot to me as my mom listened to her so much growing up, and later I was inspired. So much; that the first time I was in a recording studio at the age of 12 - the very 60's styled engineer said I "moved and sang just like Stevie" :) I took it as a huge compliment, coming from a man that attended the original Woodstock.

He actually looked like Willie Nelson... Anyways - I smile looking at this necklace, as it reminds me of the free spirit in my soul and to stay true to myself.

So, I'll just be proud of my odd ball ways ;)

My family in Norway gave me a lovely scarf (pic above) from Danish designer Becksöndergaard in Twilight Stars (I dubbed it the perfect Edward Cullen hug ;)  including money - which I then took to my most favourite consignment shop across the road and scored some sweet and brand new (!)  Geox "Donna Lola" ballerina flats in the colour "skin" (sitting atop the fine scarf) and Luxury Rebel "Sora" booties. The latter remind me of Dutch clogs of the future!

Finding treasures in second-hand shops I would say is the most exhilarating! I lead such an interesting life... ;) But, I do love hunting for deals. Seriously! :) 

The Hubby came through this year (as always) and completely surprised me with a vintage looking record player from "Crosley" It closes up like a suitcase to match the rest of the suitcases in our living room, and it's sounds great coming from the little built-in speakers!

The cool  feature - is that it also has stereo and sub-woofer hookups in the back. I was very impressed! He also included the latest Leonard Cohen record - which in my opinion changed the whole listening experience in such a wonderful way. I can't wait to play more records and probably take them from my dad's vast disc jockey collection. ;)

Oh! It also stormed in the early am on my birthday... can't forget to mention that!  It always storms on July 28th...
Photo credit of July 28th storm by "Gerry Berry" on The Weather Network.

So blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Thanks all for making it so special for me. Most importantly, to have everyone home and enjoying the company.

Christmas in July, for sure :)
I heart this photo :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

New: No Doubt "Settle Down" Full Video!

Yes, as I post this I only read 306 views on the latest No Doubt video! So cool to catch it only an hour after it's posted :)

 I am loving this song, and the video is pretty sleek. Gwen (and the boys) look amazing as always!

I think with each of them driving in the big semi trucks takes me back to  their other video "New" which I also adore. :)

I would love to see them live again as they are still my most favourite band of all time!

I owe it to them for giving me the inspiration to do music and what I love and to be different.

No Doubt is BACK! 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Essie Fall 2012 Collection: Stylenomics

I know summer has just begun, but I can't help but to get excited for the new darker nail polish shades that come with the coziness of fall. Here is a little preview from Essie's Fall 2012 Stylenomics line. 

I want all of them including the headliner "Stylenomics" deep, almost black green topping my "want" list...and the rest of them ;)

I believe they will be available for purchase in August, and some sites offer the mini cubes but are on back-order for now. How long can we wait? ;)

Will you be purchasing any of the new Essie shades?