Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pt. Deux!

It would be a disservice to my mother if I didn't write a post about the vanity piece we both worked on together, a couple months ago!

The original pine, varnished desk was my gramma's and it wasn't in-use at my parents house. My dad could not bare to part with it, and wanted to keep it within the family. One evening my mother called to tell me she had the wonderful idea of painting it to use in my room. "As long as it's in the family" she said. I thought it was nice keepsake to have with me, too. :)

 The chair we left natural (thrifted), the mirror we used "French Linen" and a touch of "Old White" mixed together to match the desk. We watered it down a lot to give it a milky finish. Then taking a gold dust sheet - we rubbed it all over the edges to highlight the detailing.

The chalk paints are gorgeous to work with - no joke! We also took the same gold dust and darkened the corners of the desk drawers and their edges with the same golden sparkle. This was after it was clear waxed and dried.

It was good fun to do! Here are a couple art pieces I have in SUPER old frames! The top illustration is "Cat Woman" by Sandra Dieckmann and below was an extra little surprise gift I received from the lovely, and equally talented Kelli Murray! She made her hair brown as well! So sweet! You might have seen this same girl with blonde hair in my brother and sister-in-laws wedding video ;)

Hope to paint some other little things, soon!

Are you a first time Annie Sloan chalk paint, painter? How do you like it?