Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Reason Why I LOVE Babybot!

(This was intentionally supposed to be posted on Friday!)

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out the window by my door, to discover a box on my front porch. I thought "I haven't ordered anything lately ... have I?". I then opened the box to discover the most beautiful, perfectly wrapped gift - like the ones you only see in the movies - and it was for me!

I am a frequent shopper to Babybot, and it is one of the only stores I strongly recommend to people. They are amazing, providing both fast and free shipping. Every package includes a checklist from a cute beaver character who inspected the shipment. I am so lame - I save them all. Everything is just so cute, as they pay such great attention to detail!

The curious among you wanted to know what I got, as I tweeted a picture of the box yesterday. So I thought I would not only write about what I got, but how one of the things I got saved me! Yes! They sent me the best soother of life!

Edie got a "Natursutten" pacifier, which sounded very Norwegian to me - and turned out to be a Danish company! Of course Edie, being half Norwegian, accepted and fell asleep to this brilliant, Scandinavian, 100% natural rubber soother.

It is actually softer than silicone and sits high past her nose, but it is soft enough for her to breathe proper. It also doesn't turn, like other plastic pacifiers, squishing her nose and causing her to spit it out right away (well - it's round, it doesn't matter if it turns).

I can see why it was awarded a top rating label by the German magazine ├ľkotest, which apparently is the leading eco-testing periodical in Germany. I seriously had issues with every pacifier and they must have heard my plight! You have to replace it every 4 to 5 weeks, but it's totally worth it!

She also got this cute-as-heck doll by Alimrose Designs (Native Bush Babies), designed in Australia. The detailing on this "Daphne" piggy tails dollie and craftmanship is of very good quality. I feel safe enough giving this to the little girl to lay with - and very soon play with - as they have sewn on the eyes (no choking hazard) and all the rest of her pieces are very well intact. The size for her is perfect! She is in love :)

It's crazy that I also received a natural muslin swaddling blanket, as I didn't have anything like it yet - and I actually was interested in the aden+anais lovely swaddlers from Austraila as well! As you can see, I put it on top of her other blanket and she gave me a big smile :)

She was pretty happy with this, too! It seems to be nice and breathable so it's great for the summer. This means I will be using it next year as well, as it is a very generous size. It will be able to wrap up little Edie for quite some time still.

As I thought that was more than enough, I was surprised with a Babybot original "Oggie" onesie with a sweet felt frog from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The onesie itself is made out of sweatshop-free cotton, a fact that I love. Very nice to know :)

It even came in the cutest, white little material bag! Again, packaging is always amazing with them!

Babybot's website is epic in itself. I love just browsing around to see what is new and just to see all the cute characters that turn up on the site.  If you are looking to make a registry, they now offer such a thing and everything is free shipping! I am really excited to get more of these soothers!

You'll also fall in love, I'm sure - and if you don't have a baby, I promise you'll want one after you make a visit! :)


Siri said...

Oh you are so lucky! Love all the things you got from them :)

Unknown said...

Hey Siri!

You can check for those Oioi bags that you liked on their site, too! :D

I am very lucky!


Babybot said...

Wow Elle! What an incredible post - you documented the entire Babybot experience so thoroughly - you're hired!

Congratulations on your new addition - Edie is beautiful! We hope you enjoy the gifts and we REALLY appreciate your support and everything you've blogged about. We are truly honoured to have you as a customer and an advocate!

The Babybot crew

mandiemoon said...

Hey lady!!
Great post! I love those aden&anais baby wraps, so I'll definitely be picking those up! :) I like how they have many patterns that are gender neutral, which is hard to find. I'm sure Little Muppet will love them as much as Edie!
Edie looks adorable with her little doll! I'm sure it'll be a toy she'll cherish forever!

Love you!!

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