Saturday, February 5, 2011

Agnes Obel - Philharmonics = Most Beautiful Album of 2011

The Scandinavians tear at my heartstrings every which way when it comes to the personal and musical! For some reason I have been fascinated with the Nordic music scene for many years now, and Agnes Obel is no exception!

I am digging this Danish singer's new album "Philharmonics", as she sings and plays the piano so beautifully. She reminds me of a female version of Woven Hand with that little southern vibe to the music. I love it!

Obel kind of reminds me of the Norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør (freaky- I wrote about her in February of last year) as these albums make my soul sing with so many emotions. :)

Check out Anges Obel's new album Philharmonics. I bought it on iTunes. Seriously, you'll love her!


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