Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beaba Babycook - Finally Making Food!

It's one thing to buy the Beaba babycook, as I wrote about how lovely it was long ago. I got use out of it today for the first time, to make a couple of batches of delicious sweet potato and carrot puree.

Sometimes the thought of making baby food just makes me not want to make it - but I couldn't believe how amazingly easy it was to use this brilliant machine!

I went by what I was cooking by looking at the chart, filled the container to the #3 line (good for potatoes and carrots), poured it into the side and let it do its steam job!

I came back when it was finished, poured out the steamed water and added some of Edie's bottle formula, to add some liquid and good extra taste to her meal.

I pulsed for half a minute and it did an amazing job! I was so excited that I kept going - putting some away into the freezer.

Edie loved it so much, which made my food making skills such a gratifying experience :)

It's nice, because we receive organic fruits and veggies once a week to our door, and we always find it a fun challenge to see what we can make with certain things. It's good to know I can always puree things for the little one - according to age of course :) 

I am REALLY happy about all the Beaba products as I have almost all of them now for her, from her first  Christmas - as you can buy things they need and justify it ;)

They finally made the Chef Dad Babycook book (J'adore!) in English from its original French version and it is fantastic! I highly suggest this one along with "Cooking for Baby" - both very good baby cookbooks.


mandiemoon said...

Mmm! Look yummy and easy, which is great when your hands are full and you are busy taking care of a little one! I'll have to come over to view a live demo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Wish I had known about this. I just went out and bought a kitchen aid food processor.
Which works really well but doesn't come with a steam option! How great is that!

It can seem overwhelming at times. Especially when you start getting into meats ( If you decide to)
It does take some time but if you make enough and freeze it then your good to go for a while!
I just finished a batch of pear,peach and apples! Leigha loves that combo :)

I find baking fruit in the oven first is the most convenient. Because then the skin peels right off and I find it tastes a lot better to.
Another tip: If you bake the sweet potato the skin just peels right off as well. They can get hard to peel/chop.

Liz :)

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