Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger! This movie is B-rilliant! ;)

Set in the 80s in all of its glory, this cheesy slasher is going to have you in stitches!

Tonight, I was lucky enough to attend a wonderfully dark-humoured B-movie that was filmed in lovely Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It had a well written storyline with just the right amount of holes in the plot. The one-liners were such that the Forest Ranger himself probably sat for hours making them up before he went out on his gory trek to catch these littering, partying, mindless teens!

Enjoying the poster Brad Mills himself gave to me! Super cool!
You have the stereotypical joking virgin, the paranoid brunette, the blonde bimbo and the jock. The sound editing was done quite well, and the music was all original - which was extremely impressing and flowed wonderfully throughout.The actors did so well to keep in character while playing out the retro/corny dialogue!

I couldn't help but laugh at the little brilliant classic "editing mishaps", as Chrissy - constantly doing makeup and fixing her hair, always staring in her little compact - decides to paint her nails while the group elects her to go out to the car to get more beer. As she is fighting with the keys to get in the trunk, the nail polish is completely gone. Bad cut scenes truly make this authentic to its genre. Colour me impressed!

Loved this super teen-dream scene in all of its clich├ęd glory!

In all of it's gloriousness, I definitely can't wait to witness this great work again. Brad Mills wrote a very quirky and awesome script and the cinematography was well studied by him and his sister Jacquelyn Mills to make this a great cult classic to be. I think this film is appetizing enough to give us The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger 2, and hopefully in 3-D!

If you want to learn more about this movie and would like to see when and where it will be showing next (hopefully in your area), check out the official site here! If you've seen it and love it, give them a vote for wanting them to make a sequel! You can simply vote here at Don't forget to "like" the Facebook page, here!

I couldn't stop laughing, and at times was laughing in unison with the forest ranger himself (does that make me evil?)! You should seriously check it out for yourself!

Demand it in your city! It's fantastic!

So proud of our local talent!

Check out the trailer, below :)


Anonymous said...

♥ Brrrr... :o scary but I like it!!!♥ Alice :*

Brad Mills said...

Nov 30th! See it again in London!

Anonymous said...

So here's the thing - I was actually scared at times - but did find humour in spots too -- all in all a great flick - my husband is so excited to attend the Nov 30 screening!
Alisha Gleiser

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