Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let Christmas Begin with Alessi!

I will totally admit this was the first thing I did on November 1st: I got up, went down to the basement to fetch these little lovelies  - as I couldn't wait to put them out on display!

I was so excited to take photos and share them with you all, but unfortunately I spilled hot tea onto my track pad that was already on the fritz and had to hand it over to the Apple people to fix. (Thank goodness that this was the only problem and now it's working like new again!) 

I've been looking at these two pieces by Italian designer Massimo Giacon for good couple of years now, and I finally thought it would be really sweet to have them, and to pass on to Miss Edie for her future Christmas home one day. I can't really express how beautiful these pieces are, and I have wrote in the past of how much I love Alessi, I am on a proper kick again. These things aren't cheap but I believe in quality over quantity :)

Here I have the "Christmas Cowboy" figurine and "The Hug Tree" -  both designed by Mr. Giacon. They also carry a beautiful gloss on top as they hold their own on my kitchen shelf! I linked them so you can check them out and find them at a store near you if you adore them as much as I do!


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