Monday, December 5, 2011

The Tree is Up and Decorated!

Finally got the big tree, and decorated it! A little late this year, as we were in Norway - but, it's up and so cozy and lovely smelling :) You can't beat that evergreen smell...  I call this tree Dr. Frasier the 2nd!
Beautiful vintage music ornament my mother found me :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely!! and the music ornament is indeed beautiful!!;)
We haven't decorated for Cristmas yet...:(
Is it a real tree?? Don't get me wrong it's because here we use to decorate fake trees and thanks to me it's total black!!:)
Best wishes, Alice xD

moxy said...

Absolutely beautiful, m'dear!! I so can't wait to see it all aglow in the real :D It's wonderful how Christmas can transform a home :)) Love you!

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