Monday, May 14, 2012

How To: Wash Your Makeup Brushes!

  A lot of brush cleaners contain alcohol which is a quick clean fix, but in the long run - they are going to dry out your brushes causing them to get brittle and eventually fall out. I am going to give you a simple home regimen for your own brushes. If you do work on clients - alcohol based sprays are probably quick and easy for you from one client to the next - but if you can help it, I suggest you try this!

It's super easy, cost efficient and better on your skin. All you need is to pick up some baby shampoo or very mild (I had bath wash on-hand and works just as great!) and tea tree oil! Tea tree oil is a natural fungus fighter, and is also great to combat acne and a natural antiseptic!

What I find work bests is just filling up your (clean) bathroom sink with some warm water while it's running at a little cap-full of baby shampoo and about 10 drops of tea tree oil. I personally let the brushes soak for a couple of minutes. Then, I take a little bit more baby shampoo, put a drop on the palm of my hand and rub the brushes in a circular motion to get all that loose gunk out of the brushes.

I throw them back into the water for another swim at this point. After that I let the water out of the sink and run the brushes under the warm water making sure I get all the remaining makeup out.

The KEY is to lay the brushes down flat on a towel or surface after re-shaping them. You don't want to wash them and place them upright in a container as it will keep the water pooled in at the bristles and eventually fall out because it will rot them at the base.
I usually wash my brushes twice a week. I use my fingers for most of my makeup, but sometimes I can't get cream blushes to work quite so - so it's important to have a brush set around!

Really hope this brush cleaning regimen works out for you. It really helps me! :)

Cheesy brush pose! ;)


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