Monday, June 4, 2012

Blissliving Home: In Honour of The Queen's Jubilee!

In honour of the Queen's Jubilee my Blissliving Home pillows that I got last week are on sale! So - bad for me, but great for you! I am really enjoying the "Trafalgar" bed collection and my Tate Rose quilt! (Both on sale!) Mind the wrinkled pillow cases and duvet (pictured below), I was just so excited, I had to throw them on the bed right away before washing them first.

Blissliving Home has had a proper "lurker" over this bedding for a few months, and I finally had the chance to catch most of the collection on sale. "My heart fluttered with glee!"* (*said in best English accent.)

The duvet cover is so soft, along with the pillows and quilt- they are all such amazing quality! The pillows are worth the full price in my opinion. It's not just a pillow cover, it's the whole down-filled experience with a zippered closure. The materials are all so luxurious and well-made. Get these beautiful pillows or anything else wonderful (because it ALL is!) from Blissliving Home :)

I will always love old quilts with unmatched sheets and things that are so cozy and warm - that will never change. (I get that old country Victorian style from my mother) It's just nice to have a nice matched bed to jump into at the end of the day.

 After all, you sleep 1/3 of your life - so you might as well enjoy it! ;) 


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