Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Heart Santigold!

If Boney M, M.I.A, Kim Wilde, and The Sex Pistols could birth a musical prodigy it would be Santigold! I've been listening to this amazing artist/producer for a short time, but I feel I need to write about her before year end.

My soul sings when I hear her and have such an almost tribal connection to her reggae, 80's pop-punk vibe. Glorious!

It would be pretty wicked to see this lady live. Such a talent! I'm sure most of you have heard her single "Disparate Youth" and if you haven't - you really should! I'll post it below.

Santigold's album "Master of My Make-Believe" is solid through in though. The production is fabulous!

A guaranteed fantastical purchase! :)

Enjoy "Disparate Youth" below


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