Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

A couple weeks ago, I posted a "before" or "while-working-on" projects - and then some events happened
in my life that just made me not in the mood to post, not to mention busy with the little one. :)

I will say, I am not a painter - I love to paint my nails and face as I find it therapeutic when I can concentrate on one thing and focus - because focusing isn't second nature to me most of the time.

It wasn't easy to make the decision to try and paint because I was afraid of failing! My painting skills are really that bad! Or, I just never applied myself.

One night my mom was showing me all these beautiful Pinterest ideas using her paints and the colours looked divine she was saying "Oh this is all Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!" both of us were getting way too over-excited and giddy! We'll simply blame the wine ;)

 We ended up finding a local retailer in St. Thomas called Diamonds & Toads (they are super
amazing!) and we brought home "Duck Egg", "Scandinavian Pink", "Old White" a small container of "Antoinette" and couple of her signature brushes and one for waxing along with her clear soft wax. It made it easier on the pocket because my brother and his wife also chipped in some money for my mom for Mother's Day, too!

We started on a little stool, and chair and end-table for Edie's room! The end-table started out a lighter Scandinavian pink, but once I brought it into her room it just became too much. Personally, I feel she wouldn't be able to grow with the piece as much as she could with the duck egg blue.

A little of this paint goes a LONG way! While you're painting, you'll notice it getting thicker an unless that is what sort of look you're going for - just simply add a few drops of water and mix it up again. You can also water it really down and have it more as a milk paint style. Her paint is just that versatile!

Using the Annie Sloan brushes made this project a breeze, and actually quite fun that I didn't have to paint my pieces a certain way. I think that is where my ADD creativity really got to shine on this one :)

The pieces are lighter than the actual colours because we mixed 2 parts Duck Egg Blue to 1 part Old White and the same for Scandinavian Pink - just to make it softer for a little girl's room.

Mom (she's helped me so much!)  and I recently did a project by painting my Gramma's old desk in "French Linen" mixed with "Old White" with the same mixing ratio - but I will post that one another day :)

The other WONDERFUL thing (there are so many!) about this paint is that it has no smell! I was happy to work with Edie talking and playing right beside me. So, it's very safe :) 

Here is her stool and chair. We did the "Louboutin" idea and threw Duck Egg Blue under the chair so when she rocked, it was an extra little surprise :) I didn't capture it, but I am sure there will be more pictures of her on it, soon!  Her little Maileg bunnies enjoy the newly painted pieces, very much!

Here is the end table with her other Maileg characters. The bed inside is even called "Duck Egg" and seem to match pretty close but a little lighter and a touch more green.

The little girl loves that small cubby for a mini bedroom for her mice and bunnies.

The stool is a little darker, because we used the dark wax instead of clear - so you can really see the colour difference. Both are gorgeous and classic either way :) (and obviously didn't get the stool in the shot, but you get what I mean ;)
Here is her room to see how it looks with everything else. :)
 Tobias, our Ragdoll cat is a huge fan of the newly painted pieces. It's his favourite room, now. He gives this paint 5 paws up! ;)

Get some Annie Sloan paint! You'll love it and best of all, you'll be able to work with it effortlessly!

Also! This is my 600th blog post, on! Woot!

Thank you all for reading :) 

*This review is genuine and out-of-pocket paid for.


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