Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MINI Scooter E Concept!

I've always dreamed of owning a Vespa, if I was to get any sort of scooter, but today I was shown something else that has really sparked my interest; a 2-wheeler from MINI!

Yes! They have made 3 different scooters and I am in love! Perhaps I can get the MINI scooter to match my MINI (Agent) Cooper car (yes, I love Twin Peaks!).

"Mini this week in London unveiled an electric scooter concept, appropriately called the Mini Scooter E Concept. Three of the design studies were built, with two going on to next week's Paris Motor Show while the third, inspired by the swinging 60s, stays in London. It uses a Smartphone as an ignition key and is powered by an electric motor that's rechargeable at any conventional power socket." - London Free Press

I can't help but swoon over this video...

What do you think of the new MINI Scooter E concept?

Enjoy it below!


Anonymous said...

Looks good, as long as the price and range are both reasonable I'm in!! Not so sure about the iPhone requirement to start (batteries, weather, etc.) but I am very interested.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree about the iphone starting up my car!

But, I bet they would have some backup plan in case it acted up, and perhaps it will charge while sitting in the dock. As far as range goes, and speed - I am also wondering about that!

I am pretty excited too! :D


Unknown said...

Oh my! I just read that I wrote car instead of scooter! You get what I mean ;)


Anonymous said...

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Alisa Pink said...

Cool post ever! I am enjoying to read this post. Your mini scooter is really awesome!

nency said...

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Jason said...

I agree about the iphone starting up my car

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