Friday, January 7, 2011

Ellemusic - New Song "Find Another You"

It feels like a decade since I've worked on my own material. I wanted to become a better producer and decided to go back to school to learn Pro Tools at Berklee School of Music - an online college run by the actual Berklee College in Boston, Massachusetts.

It's brilliant and the teachers are all amazing as they teach both in school and online - so it's a wonderful experience. I start back at Berklee next week as I am working towards my Masters in Songwriting! I hope to get more commercial and hopefully meet some really cool people again :)

My goal is to demo out my songs and work towards a publishing deal and perhaps have wicked artists performing my tracks or pieces from them :)

Since I have been sick and had Edie, it was hard to get back into it - but once I revamp my computer to mucho power - I think I am ready to pump out some more fat beats!

I call this song "Find Another You". Writing music is the best therapy of life. This track is still "rough" and will always be never-ending in the works until someone wonderful wants to reproduce it, but I just want to get my ideas out there for you all to hear!

Enjoy my new song, below! :)


Anonymous said...

Like :) And great picture! It should be your new header!

Sarah said...

Agreed on both fronts, love it!

Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous!
Thanks so much for the compliment! :D

It was nice to finally finish a track! Thank you! :)


Unknown said...

Congrats on the new song Michelle! Hope you are feeling better,

Unknown said...


Thank you so much! I am feeling a little better and I will do a Edie update tomorrow so you can check on her - Just for you ;)

Hope to see you soon, girl!

Thanks so much for caring :)


MaryAnn said...

you look beautiful!

I'ma listen to the song when i get home tonight but in the meantime you should think about shooting a music video in Zürich :-)

Also: Edie is looking super cute.

moxy said...

Woman, beautiful song, and even more beautiful pix! Seriously love your hair and shot overall - stunning! Make it your header for sure :D

*grooves out*

Unknown said...


I JUST saw this comment now! you too, Moxy! I'm so sorry for taking a decade to write back on here now!

Thank you soooooo much for loving my track and I would love to come to Zürich and shoot a video with you, girl! I'll bring out that beautiful dress you made me and wear it! :)

Moxy! I need to take a good proper pic again in a couple of months but thank you for thinking it was THAT good for the header! :)


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