Monday, January 24, 2011

Gwen Stefani L'Oreal Paris Commercial = J'adore! (and L.a.m.b)

I am in love with this commercial. As many of you know Gwen Stefani has been my idol since I was 9, and she just always makes me feel so good!

I get so excited when I see this ad, that I just want to throw on everything L.a.m.b. and Harajuku Lovers that I own - including a wicked eBay find for the spring/summer that I found for a pretty good price!

Yes! I got my hands on a L.a.m.b. Nikola Hobo bag in Nude from her Ultraviolet collection. This is pure luxe that I finally could afford pretty much a year later - because I never like to pay full price for anything (nor can I afford it!) if I don't have to.

I like it because it's classic - yet edgy like everything else Gwen Stefani designs. I got a really nice L.a.m.b. purse a couple of years ago for Christmas and the quality, down to the stitching, is so fantastic that it still looks new.

I will always and forever be impressed with L.a.m.b. bags.


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