Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ever since having little Edie, and taking mucho amounts of pills ever since I got sick, my skin and hair have been suffering the side effects and have been super dry for the past few months.

I am a religious Bumble & Bumble user (since the tender age of 16 - no joke. I'll write about all my products soon) but I needed to get even deeper than the B&B "Deep Treatment" conditioner (which is still wicked - by the way). I felt I needed instant shine - without the nasty oil residue. I've looked everywhere for such a product and after much searching I came across this amazing Moroccanoil!

This brand is the Cadillac of argan oils - found growing only in Southwest Morocco. I decided to try it the first time on Sunday - and I must say this skeptical girl was mighty impressed! With one application my hair felt soft and it was insanely shiny! This product is jam-packed with antioxidants, UV protector, and is rich in vitamins to help strengthen the hair over time :)

If you do have fine or blonde hair - they have an alternative oil to use. I have fine hair - and I found the original was just great for me. You don't have to use a lot of product - as a little goes a long way :)

I am really happy with my Moroccanoil. I bought mine online.

You can check out all of their other amazing products here. I can't preach about this natural phenomenon enough :)


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