Thursday, August 4, 2011

DODOcase Made in San Francisco!

Loving my DODOcase in front on my birdfeeders! 

Some of you my know my brother and his wife live in San Francisco and I wanted to pay homeage to such a lovely place by purchasing an iPad case made right in the city!

I have been eying this DODOcase since the first iPad came out, hoping it would live up to my expectations, and it has far exceeded them! The bamboo wood is highly durable, and the case in general is very slim in form and gorgeous!

It looks like a giant Moleskine journal which makes me heart it even more. The inside material is customizable in colour - as you see I chose a light pink which reminds me of tea and old Victorian tones.

I can't rave about this case enough! If you own an iPad, iPad 2, Playbook or Kindle - you should really consider this case! If you want to stash things like money or something - I suggest buying the DODOcase too! ;)


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