Friday, August 5, 2011

Foster The People: Torches - Best Album of the Year!

I can feel it!  Foster The People will be up for zillions of awards and like Arcade Fire won album of the year this past year, this band will do the same! I cannot rave about this album enough!

The production is amazing and the lyrics make my heart melt and the tracks are all around, wicked.

MGMT comes to mind when it comes to vocal effects and a little bit melodically - but I feel a little more passion and hookie-ness from these boys!

My soul just dances listening to this Los Angeles, California-based band. I am going to post in here - my favourite tracks :) (I'm sure you have all heard their single "Pumped Up Kicks") ;)

You HAVE to buy this album if you haven't already. Seriously.



Miss You - (beautiful lyrics too)

NO idea why "Broken Jaw" didn't make the actual album but you can purchase it on the itunes release which I did and LOVE!

Helene Beat (of course)


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