Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy, Busy and Missing My Edie!

I haven't had a moment to do anything online except the odd facebooking, since I have got here to Stavanger, Norway. It feels like I arrived only yesterday, but this is not the case at all! I have been here already for 10 days (including traveling) and heading home in a couple hours. I had such a wonderful time, and I am going to miss this place,  like I do every time I leave this beautiful country.

It will be great to get back to the cats, and of course my little Edie Marie! I will add a couple of great photos taken by my neighbour, Kathryn Cole Photography. She is all sorts of talented when it comes to the camera, and it was so awesome to have such a last minute photoshoot. (literally the day before we left) and Nicole is just so fun!
Making a face that reminds me so much of my late Gramma, here :)

I also literally missed the boat for the airport. I got on the ferry and realized I didn't have my purse which equals everything I need in life to go anywhere, so we had to back out and head back. Now, I am waiting for the 4:15 am to take me a couple steps closer to home. I have super long waits at the airports - so I really hope I can pass out when I fly to make it feel a little shorter :)

I can't wait to bite those little cheeks, though!


moxy said...

Look at those beautiful lashes and cheeks! She's so a lil stunner already.. goodness :D Love you, sweeties! Can't wait to see you! :D xo

Nancy said...

She is so precious. I am sure you are so anxious to squish her up. Glad you had a great time.

mandiemoon said...

Aw, love that little'e! She is the cutest!! :D We went to visit her and your parents while you were away, and man is she funny (and exhausting). Haha! She just bounds around the house, energy on level high. ;) She will be so excited to see you when you get home. She will probably do her Edie-style gasp. :) Ollie loved seeing Edie too and was so focused on her. He kept trying to talk to her, and she'd look down at him and then motor off onto another adventure. You should have heard her squeal when Sawyer would follow her! Too cute!!

Can't wait to see you! Love you!

Rockinon said...

Nice work. I love your artistic sense. And you and your model work so well together. She's so relaxed, it's like she's known you her whole life.

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