Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Wonderful Birthday!

Sister-in-law (Moxylady) and I at Milestones in the AM.

I had such an amazing, blessed weekend (a couple weeks ago, now) and it went by all too fast!

Friday night before my birthday was fun with some lovely ladies as we had a double celebration.

 My brother (Endo) and my sister-in-law (Moxylady) came to visit as they were off to a wedding - but we had some time to have a tasty breakfast with my whole family at Milestones! It was actually a really nice and cozy way to start the day :)
Emily C and I ringing in my bday :)

After that, one of my BFF's Klaves came over, and we went to Sephoras and checked out some makeup and got super girly. She bought me a NARS lipstick that I have been craving for quite some time for the fall called "Fast Ride" described as a sheer mulberry.

 I also got some makeup from my other brother (Sockboy) and sister-in-law (Mandiemoon) including a NARS multiple in "Portofino" which I both swatched, I also added NARS "Nana" lipgloss on my arm because I also think it is badass over top of Fast Ride - but truly holds her own :)
Left to right swatched in natural light: Nars Portofino Multiple, Fast Ride lipstick, and Nana lipgloss.

Endo and Moxylady surprised me with a Kate Spade gift card, so I chose the "Villabella Avenue Celina" that I've been eying for a while (Those bows get the best of me!) that finally went on sale! I'll be anxiously creeping the mail lady as I can't wait for it to arrive! :)

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I posted a photo on instagram a few days ago of the necklace I also received from my parents which was a pretty nice birthday surprise :) I got the "Stevie" necklace from Stella &Dot that is quite beautifully detailed in person. The piece was actually inspired by Stevie Nicks and it means a lot to me as my mom listened to her so much growing up, and later I was inspired. So much; that the first time I was in a recording studio at the age of 12 - the very 60's styled engineer said I "moved and sang just like Stevie" :) I took it as a huge compliment, coming from a man that attended the original Woodstock.

He actually looked like Willie Nelson... Anyways - I smile looking at this necklace, as it reminds me of the free spirit in my soul and to stay true to myself.

So, I'll just be proud of my odd ball ways ;)

My family in Norway gave me a lovely scarf (pic above) from Danish designer Becksöndergaard in Twilight Stars (I dubbed it the perfect Edward Cullen hug ;)  including money - which I then took to my most favourite consignment shop across the road and scored some sweet and brand new (!)  Geox "Donna Lola" ballerina flats in the colour "skin" (sitting atop the fine scarf) and Luxury Rebel "Sora" booties. The latter remind me of Dutch clogs of the future!

Finding treasures in second-hand shops I would say is the most exhilarating! I lead such an interesting life... ;) But, I do love hunting for deals. Seriously! :) 

The Hubby came through this year (as always) and completely surprised me with a vintage looking record player from "Crosley" It closes up like a suitcase to match the rest of the suitcases in our living room, and it's sounds great coming from the little built-in speakers!

The cool  feature - is that it also has stereo and sub-woofer hookups in the back. I was very impressed! He also included the latest Leonard Cohen record - which in my opinion changed the whole listening experience in such a wonderful way. I can't wait to play more records and probably take them from my dad's vast disc jockey collection. ;)

Oh! It also stormed in the early am on my birthday... can't forget to mention that!  It always storms on July 28th...
Photo credit of July 28th storm by "Gerry Berry" on The Weather Network.

So blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Thanks all for making it so special for me. Most importantly, to have everyone home and enjoying the company.

Christmas in July, for sure :)
I heart this photo :)


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