Sunday, August 12, 2012

Susanne Sundfør - The Silicone Veil

There are very few artists that truly bring me to tears when listening to them. Actually none that I can honestly think of off the top of my head unless it's James Horner (Casper's Lullaby) and The Snowman's "Walking In The Air" which gets me every time! I also walked down the aisle in my wedding to that track.  I guess I tried to secretly hide my crying eyes out at Tori Amos' concert last Christmas in Toronto when she sang "Winter" as well. But, as much as I get emotionally involved - I never get this homesick feeling as I do when I listen to Susanne Sundfør's music. Her lyrics, voice and super amazing production embodies everything I ever wanted to do with my own material. I've mentioned her a couple of times on my blog, as I found comfort in her music when I lived in Norway. 

 This Nordic native was my emotional security blanket that I very much needed while living far away from my Canadian roots - so much, that I wore out her "The Brothel" album and still hold it as one of my most prized albums of today.  

 "The Silicone Veil" doesn't disappoint - in fact I feel we grew up emotionally together in a way. My dream would be to open for Miss Sundfør - I just need to find an amazing band first :) Hearing her music is so angelic and tears through my soul and my old "baroque" heart. I could never listen to her in public without my eyes welling up to her glorified beats or sway with my eyes closed and totally stuck in my own zone. Her music is that perfect locked-in-a-room alone (the very thing I am doing right now) to take a moment and enjoy this fantastic music solo.

 I can't even pick my favourite song. This whole album is insanely solid and powerful. Do yourself a favour and buy this masterpiece along with "The Brothel" I really hope the whole world eventually gets to hear such a beautiful, Norwegian gem of an artist :) 

I decided to add few favourites from the album, although I lust deeply for them all - but these really stick out as "holy heck I wish I wrote these!"

Enjoy :) 


"The Silicone Veil" track (and current single) has such an amazing message.


 Gosh... I love them all :)






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