Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Technically, I spent my Valentine's celebrations in Niagara Falls last weekend. It was quite sweet because the husband treated me to a spa day at the "Christienne Fallsview Spa" in the Sheraton On The Falls hotel where we were staying and also where we had our first date 5 years ago after meeting earlier that day in my small town - having a quick fish dinner and the "OK" from my parents to let me go off with this stranger man ;) 

The spa was amazing despite the mixed reviews on tripadvisor, which I am about to change. These girls are lovely, and educated! I got to watch the falls at sunset and the view was gorgeous :)

You also HAVE to eat at WINDOWS by Jamie Kennedy! The winter menu was divine with amazing preparation of the pork. A MUST-TRY are his famous french fries. Delightful! 

Here I am in all of my over-exposed glory - The man refuses to take more than one photo in public - so it's one and that's all I get! I have a nose, I swear! ;) 

I also took an early morning photo without any cars to enjoy the falls in it's powerful abundance of crashing waters. So magnificent!

Our unconventional relationship obviously worked out, because here we are - married and with a little girl who partied her "friendship" day to it's fullest. 
I was also blessed with some really sweet Valentine's day cards that were decorated to the nines in stickers :)

My sweet addiction to cinnamon tasting everything might have me at my weakest this week. I may have to grab a small bag of cinnamon hearts even though I have cut out sugar from my life. Maybe I can make it our last official break-up fling before properly quitting it ;)

Apparently anything cinnamon tasting in candy form is considered "Joke-candy" in Norway. It was so hard to find proper Valentine candies when I lived there or anything cinnamon-ish. Basically we get our Valentine treats from England because the queen loved the cinnamon flavoured treats, they were brought over to Canada (North America) 

I write cinnamon... a lot!  It's a cinnasin! Oh dear.

This post is obviously going nowhere - but I wanted to wish you all the most loveliest of V-days and if you're a singleton I raise my glass to you, sweethearts! ;) (But not over my laptop, like last time ;)


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