Wednesday, February 6, 2013

King Richard III: Facial Reconstruction and Who I Think He Was!

After the discovery and announcement of King Richard III's body the other day, I couldn't help but get more involved in his story!

I found this King Richard III facial reconstruction video. Watching his face come to life really made him look like quite a kind man. Maybe history wrote him an awful man because they were jealous of his lovely looks ;)

I honestly feel that this King had a great heart, and that there was some sort of propaganda by the tutors after he had passed to sort of rewrite his history - because he was King at quite a young age and was hated for that. He was actually quite involved with the "commoners" and made changes so that poor people could also be heard in court hearings - even though they didn't have the money to back them. I want to read more about this King, but from someone who isn't swayed either way. If only I could call on my past lifes ;)

The similarities of him in this one painting to the right, and of Christopher Walken (left) are uncanny! It could totally be his doppelgänger! Wouldn't you agree?

Richard III obviously had swag, and everyone else around him couldn't handle it.

I don't think the King would have poisoned his wife, Anne neither - if anything I feel she might have poisoned herself out of depression. This was also her second marriage. 

These are my thoughts and as outrageous as they are - I feel compelled to know a little more about King Richard III.

It's truly exciting that they found his remains and to sort of bring his legacy back to life again :)

Enjoy this video of how they reconstructed the young King's face, below!


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