Saturday, June 1, 2013

Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave!

Heck YES! This is some fantastic summer music to dance/drive to! Crystal Fighters (British/Spanish) formed in Spain in 2007 and are making quite the impression with their "Cave Rave" album! It was just released May 27th 2013 - and I feel giant things are going to happen with this amazing group.

Some really wonderful production on these tracks that implicate a sweeter acoustical sound of the 60s/70s era with it's ghostly, soulful melodies - then it surprisingly pierces your soul with 80's synths that satisfy :)

 Some magical electronic music happening! It's hard NOT to dance around and jump in circles to this album... If you can't understand that  - Where's your soul? ;)

Here's one of their tracks - WAVE - the track that took my heart out into the ocean of Crystal Fighters!

"Separator" was the other song that I really enojyed as well! I see they have a video for this as well!

You HAVE to buy this album. I promise you won't regret it :)

*review based on my honest opinion as I purchase everything myself.


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