Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Officially saying Ta Ta for now to my MINI Cooper!

Today I officially say goodbye, as I sold my MINI cooper and purchased myself a 4-door. I love my car dearly, but I've been seriously contemplating adding a little person (Yes! Crazy! I know!) at some point soon in my life - and I don't think I could put 2 children in car seats this way. I will say it was ok with just one, but the first year and a half wasn't easy as pie. (Pie is not easy)

It's weird to say I have this emotional bond to my Agent Cooper. (Yes, huge Twin Peaks fan here!) but not to the point I want to make-out with it like TLC "My Strange Addiction" styles. Click that link if you don't know what I mean ;)

I mean - just see at how awkward our relationship looks. We can't explain the connection - but it's there. ;)
My mother-in-law took this photo for me. She did a great job in all my awkward glory last night ;)

Anyways, I wanted to devote a post just to my first car and how amazing the MINI cooper is! I'll post my new car tomorrow - if I don't instagram it this evening. I'll give you a giant hint though - I didn't leave the MINI world!

Going to miss you, cute car! Enjoy 100x more driving from someone who can really drive you good and hard! xo

I'll also link the first time when I bought it! Good memories!

So long, chap. <3>


Ashely@Infinitiofannarbor said...

I can see that your change in priorities has changed the need for your car. If I am not mistaken, you're expecting to have a family of your own now and the Mini Cooper can’t fit a whole family. I hope that you also consider the safety of your family in selecting your four doors and it's better that you know the basic repairs for your new car in case some problems occur. :)

Basil Glenn @ LexusOfLansing said...

It wasn't easy, but you did it for your family! That was a brave act, Elle. Everything, especially your priorities, starts to change once you decide to build your own family. Anyway, have you bought a new car already?

Unknown said...

Hey! I just posted a new blog post! I know 6 months late! Lol! Thanks for commenting :) It's great to know you're interested!

Here's the link :) http://ellehermansen.blogspot.ca/2013/11/2013-mini-cooper-s-all4-countryman.html

Thanks again!
Elle :)

Anonymous said...

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