Friday, January 17, 2014

I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro!

You know how you find that band, and you listen to them ALL summer (or any whole season) on repeat. I discovered "I Break Horses" a couple of years ago made up of Swedish duo Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck with their debut album "Hearts" and it was fantastic!

This past summer, I couldn't stop spinning the single "Denial" - and it brought me back to listen to their 2011 release - making me fall in love with them all over again. After they revealed their track "Faith" in the last recent months - it left me yearning for more of their new, darker, electronic, creative path. 

Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck
Something about Scandinavian musicians - but I always connect with them on a deeper, spiritual level. They get to my soul. Maybe I'm biased being with a Norwegian, and after living there for a couple years - but I get it. I get them! I want to produce and write like them, also ;) 

They have impeccable skills for really catchy melodies and their production is always fantastic! 

I've had their album on pre-order on iTunes for some time now - but with a couple days away of their release of "Chiaroscuro" (January 20th) you can  stream the full length album- exclusively premiered via Hype Machine! Enjoy it, below! :)

This album is nothing short of incredible. Get your hands on a copy! 


Jonas said...

Thanks for this, came here for the Rode review ;-) the song "Winter Beats" was infectious.

Check out newcomers like Say Lou Lou and Karl X Johan. The former have an incredible space and atmosphere to their sound. Sweden is an incredible place to be if you are into making music.

Elle Hermansen said...

Hey Jonas! How did I miss this comment?! I am so sorry! Winter Beats is totally heartbreakingly good :)

I lived in Norway for quite some time, but Sweden would be the place to be, I totally agree! Going to check out these lovely groups!

Thanks for your recommendations! :D

Elle :)

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