Friday, January 17, 2014

I Break Horses - Chiaroscuro!

You know how you find that band, and you listen to them ALL summer (or any whole season) on repeat. I discovered "I Break Horses" a couple of years ago made up of Swedish duo Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck with their debut album "Hearts" and it was fantastic!

This past summer, I couldn't stop spinning the single "Denial" - and it brought me back to listen to their 2011 release - making me fall in love with them all over again. After they revealed their track "Faith" in the last recent months - it left me yearning for more of their new, darker, electronic, creative path. 

Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck
Something about Scandinavian musicians - but I always connect with them on a deeper, spiritual level. They get to my soul. Maybe I'm biased being with a Norwegian, and after living there for a couple years - but I get it. I get them! I want to produce and write like them, also ;) 

They have impeccable skills for really catchy melodies and their production is always fantastic! 

I've had their album on pre-order on iTunes for some time now - but with a couple days away of their release of "Chiaroscuro" (January 20th) you can  stream the full length album- exclusively premiered via Hype Machine! Enjoy it, below! :)

This album is nothing short of incredible. Get your hands on a copy! 


Jonas said...

Thanks for this, came here for the Rode review ;-) the song "Winter Beats" was infectious.

Check out newcomers like Say Lou Lou and Karl X Johan. The former have an incredible space and atmosphere to their sound. Sweden is an incredible place to be if you are into making music.

Unknown said...

Hey Jonas! How did I miss this comment?! I am so sorry! Winter Beats is totally heartbreakingly good :)

I lived in Norway for quite some time, but Sweden would be the place to be, I totally agree! Going to check out these lovely groups!

Thanks for your recommendations! :D

Elle :)

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