Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Major Parkinson - "Twilight Cinema" Review!

One of my most favourite Norwegian bands is back with another killer album! I was growing leery thinking - can these Bergen natives top their self-titled "Major Parkinson" and follow-up "Songs from a Solitary Home" release? (Click the link to read my review from 2009) They did - continuing to guide my heart through darker, intricate shadows with "Twilight Cinema".

I don't even know where to start... Hands down - this album is a soul grabber, much like many other Norwegian acts alike (un-alike).

A huge thing I miss about living in Stavanger, Norway is enjoying these acts live!

They are playing at Folken this Saturday(!!!) by the way!  Go watch them for me, Stavanger folk! :) 

The production is still incredible, while still keeping that Eastern European circus nostalgia through accordions - interwoven from song to song. 

Like an Eau de Perfume upon first spritz... settling - I catch "Major Parkinson" top-notes, loud and lavish - mid-notes bringing me through the tight and technical crevices of a fun-house maze in "Songs from a Solitary Home" and the dry-down becomes musky, dark, and animalistic within "Twilight Cinema" making my way deeper into a dusky forest - lost to distant, intoxicating, serenades. 

It's a dreamy, heartbreaking, wistful trip. 

My thoughts of the members in Major Parkinson being magnificently brilliant -  still holds true with their third release. They also have a lovely sounding female vocalist haunting beautifully throughout the tracks (who I wish to know the name of to give her proper recognition!) 

The songwriting has always impressed the heck out of me. Jon Ivar Kollbotn inks some pretty wicked lyrics with really catchy melodies to support through his smokey, often mirrored Tom Waits-esque voice. 

I can't ever get enough! 

This album is a wonderful mastery to add to your collection - promise. I hope this is on an LP record somewhere - then I just need to hunt a perfect gramophone to play it on. ;) 

You can buy "Twilight Cinema" along with their other two fantastic albums right on their website, , iTunes or simply on the track link embedded, below!

Streaming one of my favourite tracks "A Cabin in the Sky" (I can't even pick a favourite!) along with the rest of the album:



Anonymous said...

Great review Elle, it's a simply magnificent album, brilliantly clever, full of ideas and it's impossible to listen to without a huge smile! AW

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