Friday, May 7, 2010

Merino Kids: Cocooi Wrap!

I have been very interested in swaddling my soon-to-be-little-one, but from what I hear it is very important to be concious about which materials you use, as some can get quite uncomfortable and overheat throughout sleep.

Babies like to sleep in tight surroundings as the swaddling acts as if they are still in the womb. This makes them feel less insecure and helps them sleep longer. I've been doing mucho reviews and found these amazing swaddling wraps from New Zealand by Merino Kids called the Cocooi! This is the exact quote from the site.

"The international award winning Cocooi ("Ko-Koo-e") range from Merino Kids has been designed especially for the safety and comfort of the newborn - 3 month age group.  All Cocooi garments are made from the finest 100% natural merino and include a babywrap (or swaddle) and a sleep bag. Medical studies have found that babies and infants sleeping in or on merino settle more quickly, sleep longer, feed better, cry less and gain weight faster."

I am pretty excited to see them come in the mail as I ended up buying one in natural and one in the pink blossom colour. Whatever I can do to help her feel better coming into this world (and for me too of course!).

The whole swaddling idea intimidates me as I would question my quality of the wrap or if I was doing it correctly. Merino Kids designed the Cocooi to be able to wrap it easily and even while strapped into a baby seat. Once the little girl comes, I can show proper pictures of her in it :)

This seems to be such a lovely product with the soft Merino material to be cooling in the summer and warming in the winter. If you are wanting to swaddle in style and just for straight up good health benefits, check out

Here is the how-to video for the Cocooi below:


Fonda LaShay said...

these look comfy! do they make big people size for the grown ups :)

Unknown said...

I know right?! I want to be wrapped up in one of these too! I guess they have the "sleepers" for adults over there in Norway... perhaps this won't be too far behind? Hahaha :D

Elle :)

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