Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Tiffany & Co. Fairy Came!

Well, sort of. I got a really nice necklace for Mother's Day, but it didn't jive well with my style. After a sleepless night, I decided I had to tell the hubby my true feelings on how I felt, as honesty is the best policy. The piece was beautiful, but wasn't something I would wear often, or at all.

So, I fussed up the courage and decided to tell him and he was fine with me choosing something else around the same amount. Of course, I trekked over to Tiffany & Co. and thought I would send a little recommendation email. Apparently it was a good recommendation, because the Tiffany Fairy (Fedex man) showed up to my door with a belated Mother's Day gift!

I was sooooo happy! For reference I got the "Bow Pendant" in mini, which I thought was a perfect size for me, and it wasn't ridiculous expensive like most Tiffany & Co. things either. The quality of the silver is also quite strong. I took a picture so you can see the size of it on my neck as well (Me in all my pregnant glory! ;)

They have such beautiful pieces. It was a nice surprise to actually receive something like this after all :)


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