Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Anniversary and Father's Day!

It's our one-year anniversary today, and I thought it would be fitting to send in my picture of me in my dress to Sottero & Midgley (click to get to the actual page to read more).

I love my dress so much, and I know it's something I will look back at and still love for years to come. They don't actually make this style any more, so I had to pick the style closest to mine when I posted.

I guess after the work they put into making mine, they must have decided it was too much! Oh well, it's nice to see it's the only one on the site to date :)

Today, we went out to Hessenland (where we tied the knot) to have a Sunday brunch and to celebrate both Father's Day and our Anniversary Day. I remember last year, we also rocked a morning brunch the day after and had an insane turnout. It was truly a 3-day wedding at the beautiful Hessenland Country Inn!

We are pulling out the gluten-free cake and a few remaining pieces from the other tiers of the wedding cake from exactly a year ago today to enjoy.

I am a little torn to eat it, as I will be a little sad to let it go. Although - I still have the lovely sugar flowers that I can enjoy for life, so it's not too bad. :)

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and fathers-to-be out there!


Fonda LaShay said...

awe! happy anniversary!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Fonda!

Miss you!


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