Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Puj Tub!

I don't know about all you new mothers-to-be out there, but I am terrified to give my baby her first bath!

I have done plenty of research of tubs and I felt I wanted to wash her in the sink at my level, where I can also dry her and have a better control without killing my back bending over the tub.

Then one day it came to me! The Puj tub was the answer I was looking for! With a quick snap of the magnets, your baby tub is put together and ready to chill in any size sink with one hand!

This is the lightest tub in the world; it is a flat piece of soft material that cradles the baby and is also excellent for storage. Not only is it safe, but it's hypoallergenic and anti-fungal/bacterial, because it is so quick to dry!

I have to add this video (below) to show how easy it is. I mean, I am still scared of bathing the little one, but this tub has given me a little more confidence that I will be capable of doing the job properly :D

You can buy it just about anywhere now, but I bought mine on the Canadian website Babybot!

Love that store, and it's free shipping!


Babybot said...

Great post Elle! We've read quite a few posts on Puj tubs and yours is by far the most comprehensive.

You nailed it - the real beauty of this tub (besides the ease of storage) is the fact that you can stand up to bathe baby. Bathing a newborn is hard and everyone is awkward at first. Throw in kneeling down, wedged beside a toilet and reaching over a tub wall to attempt a bath... forget it!

Enjoy your Puj - let us know how it works for you!

kate said...

Thanks Elle, for this great post. I couldn't agree more with Babybot, this post is so smart and well-written and we're glad you're feeling more confident as a parent! The Puj tub has some really great features that you did a great job of explaining, so thank you!

All the best with your new little one and congratulations!

-The Puj Team

Fonda LaShay said...

super cute!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Thank you so much for loving my post! I speak the truth and I can't wait for other mothers to try this wonderful invention as well :D Again, thank you! Made my weekend!


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