Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Campbell Goes Gluten-Free!

Perhaps they don't officially go gluten-free, but they have taken into consideration our need for some good tasting soup going into the fall.

It's funny because Campbell's soup in Norway only uses corn starch, so while I lived there, I was eating Cream of Mushroom soup like a queen! Unfortunately, here they use wheat flour to thicken a lot of products (not just Campbell's).

Hopefully soon, they just make ALL their soups with corn starch. Maybe they are just slowly introducing it in each soup one year at a time? That would be lovely :)

Campbell Canada is a proud member of the Celiac Association website.

I know I can totally make my own soup, but sometimes it's a little easier to just open a can, pop it on the stove-top, heat, and eat! Especially with a little one coming soon, and I can't go without soup in the cozy cooler days.

Why am I so excited about Fall? Who knows, but I am pretty happy about eating some gluten-free Campbell's Chicken and Wild Rice soup listening to Baroque classical music and a screaming baby ensemble in the background (maybe not ;)

The Campbell company was cool enough to come up with a wonderful updated list  (June 2010) of their gluten-free products we can eat from their company! Click here to check it out!

Thanks Campbell's! Mmm, mmm, good!

(Campbell's soup can by Andy Warhol)


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