Friday, August 6, 2010

Tokyo Milk!

Probably the best packaging ever made for any product! Call me a hoarder or garbage keeper, but I am not throwing out these lovely boxes of art and wrapping! I was lucky enough to receive these pieces on my birthday from my wonderful sister-in-law Mandiemoon and my brother Sockboy (but really, she picked them out) as I have been seeing these products for quite some time, but never splurged on them.

Mandie obviously has the best of tastes because everything she chose for me was perfect! I got lovely lip balm called "sweet cream", which actually smells a lot like vanilla play-doh. I really enjoy this, as it reminds me of throwing my childhood on my lips. I can't stop sniffing my lips! Wonderful!

I also got a beautiful, Victorian pocket mirror that comes with a velvet-like pouch so it doesn't scratch in my purse. I love the rose on it! (doing up my lips proper :)

Tokyo Milk also makes a beautiful smelling soap! Again, the packaging is so good, I am contemplating just sticking the bar in my underwear drawer. I will have to buy another to actually use! :)

I am loving all the products on the Tokyo Milk website! I just want to get all the Victorian music soaps and bubble bath bottles. Along with the Edgar Allan Poe inspired candle and glorious stationary!

I wonder how good the perfume smells? I guess I will have to go on the hunt and find out!

Check out this amazing brand by Margot Elena here!


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