Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Invention Ever? - MamaRoo by 4moms!

I purchased this long before little Edie came into the world and while it was still impossible to buy in Canada. I searched and searched - and I finally found it on Ebay! Thank you, parents - for this wonderful gift :)

When we first brought home the little girl, she was just SO tiny and we had to wait to use this remarkable piece of machinery. For the first few weeks she cried whenever we put her in the mamaRoo, which made me so sad. She was just so tiny and didn't know how to appreciate it ... yet :)

As she reached her one-month mark, we finally decided to try again - and it was a hit! She loves falling asleep in it on the "tree swing" setting - listening to the ocean waves (and other built-in sounds) or my iPod playlist, as it has a little adapter hookup. So smart!

There are a few different settings that this swing can move to, like "car ride" and "kangaroo" - moving all so smoothly. You can also adjust the speed to your baby's comfort.

While you watch your baby swing, you'll appreciate the machine's sleek design - like a pod from outer space. The little ones will be able to enjoy 3 soft material balls, suspended in the air above them. They are black and white on one side - and in vibrant colours on the other, by the famous painters Seurat, Monet and Van Gogh. Again - so, so smart!

It's nice they have it on a rod that is adjustable to move from side to side. Sometimes Edie just wants to watch the world and see what is going on around the house, so it allows us to move them out of her way, so she doesn't get too upset :)

I have now seen the MamaRoo available on, with free shipping within Canada and the States. You can get them in an array of colours. We thought it would be safe to have the silver/grey in case the next little one is a boy!

Enjoy my little iPhone video of Edie riding the MamaRoo by 4moms!

If you want more information about the mamaRoo, including photos and videos - check out their site!

It's all about quality over quantity! The MamaRoo is the only one you will ever need. Period.


Capitan Crazy Poopy Pants said...

Haha awesome!

I think the b&w sides are for early ages when they haven't developed the colour stuff yet.

But that thing moves very organically, creepy almost. Glad she's diggin' it though :D

Unknown said...

That is true about the colour development, yes :)

It is so smooth! It is a little creepy when I take her out of the mamaRoo and have it still on while no one is in it. Very ghostly! :) This machine is the future!


Bridget said...

First I was looking for baby swing under 100 dollars, because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on baby swings, but when I looked at mamaroo I changed my decicion and bought mamaroo for my baby. I have no regret on my decision, though it is an expensive swing but its features make it completely worth it.

midn said...

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