Thursday, October 7, 2010

Renew London Construction Program 2010 is making a HUGE Roundabout!

Yes! It looks like London is getting a little more European, making a huge roundabout at the Hale and Trafalgar intersection. This will be London's biggest construction year ever!  You can check out this PDF of all the projects this year, even if it's almost over. It's pretty exciting!

I know theoretically how to drive into one, but to actually try it out ... we will see :)

It might just be a disaster like the Griswolds in European Vacation "Look Kids! Big Ben, Parliament!". Click here to see the clip, as I couldn't embed it! It's a classic :)


Jeff S said...

Not only a roundabout, but a RAISED roundabout. It will be on an overpass structure that will allow traffic to flow freely over the heavily congested Hale-Trafalgar intersection. Pretty neat project, and also VERY costly in terms of both engineering AND the land expropriation that was required to make the project happen.

Also, did you know that if you spell Trafalgar backwards you get Rag-la-fart? I'm a fountain of knowledge...

Unknown said...


It looks like it will be a roundabout of the future! I am pretty excited to try it out. How about yourself? Will you feel confidant to get on the "Rag-la-fart"? Pretty brilliant of you I must say :)


Cait said...

I've never seen a round-a-bout that goes clockwise, I've only ever seen counter-clockwise!

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