Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-650

One of the things on my Christmas list was this lovely 6-inch e-reader from Sony! I would have easily settled for the pink 5" pocket edition, as it was a close contender, but when I opened up this little baby on Christmas eve - I melted like the Snowman!

Don't get me wrong - there is something organic about holding a real book in your hands or having that library of your dreams, but this is wonderful for traveling and convenience. I also get a mild case of ADHD when I see how many pages I have to go through and I get somewhat overwhelmed sometimes.

With the e-reader I just touch and digitally swipe the pages across ... and I never feel the sometimes uncomfortable pain of holding a real book open! I know I sound crazy, but this Reader would be awesome for someone with arthritis and people who love big or small fonts.

Not to mention; you can hold up to 50,000 books, audio books, music, and an oh-so-convenient dictionary when I tap any word 4 times that gives me an instant definition.

I enjoy reading with the e-ink because it doesn't hurt my eyes like a computer screen does (with its crazy flippy lights that get to my brains after some time).

Another lovely thing is that I can read perfectly in sunlight and at night I have my trusty book worm light (connected on the outside case) to keep me reading in a cozy dim setting.

There is a new romanticism that the Sony Reader has brought to me. Maybe because I have it in a lovely red with an equally beautiful case? Perhaps the fact that I can support my local library by borrowing books online to keep them going. I don't know, but it's exciting!

I bought a book called "A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian" by Marina Lewycka which is pretty good so far. It also is nice when I am holding baby Edie to have this little gadget in hand and reading while she relaxes beside me, without her drooling and ripping at the "pages".

If you are hesitant about this change, I totally suggest it and if you truly love a book - you can always buy it and put it on that coveted bookshelf that you've spent years building :)

I am SO happy with my Sony Reader!


Sarah said...

Love the red! It's so cute.

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