Sunday, July 10, 2011

Counting Down to Tori Amos' Night of Hunters Release!

This will be this ravishing redhead's 12th studio album - and it is quite the understatement to say I was merely excited to discover Tori Amos' album cover and track list!

Miss Amos said this about the new album, which will be released in September:

“It’s a 21st century song cycle inspired by classical music themes spanning over 400 years. I have used the structure of a song cycle to tell an ongoing, modern story. The protagonist is a woman who finds herself in the dying embers of a relationship. In the course of one night she goes through an initiation of sorts that leads her to reinvent herself allowing the listener to follow her on a journey to explore complex musical and emotional subject matter. One of the main themes explored on this album is the hunter and the hunted and how both exist within us.”

The track list also sounds so lovely!

1. "Shattering Sea"
2. "SnowBlind"
3. "Battle of Trees"
4. "Fearlessness"
5. "Cactus Practice"
6. "Star Whisperer"
7. "Job's Coffin"
8. "Nautical Twilight"
9. "Your Ghost"
10. "Edge of the Moon"
11. "The Chase"
12. "Night of Hunters"
13. "Seven Sisters"
14. "Carry"

Tori's music gets me through life - and as the fall approaches, you'll always find me streaming classical music from iTunes, as it helps me get through the days and up to Halloween (then I kick into Holiday music). Tori has always been there for me musically, and to hear it's inspired by classical music makes me even more pumped for this release!

This year she is also going on a world tour, and I HAVE to go.

Are you excited for the new Tori Amos album "Night of Hunters"?


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