Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm A Robot Repair Man - A Brilliant Backyardigan Song!

When The Backyardigans come on tv, you can usually catch me listening to their songs because they are so well written! They are auto-tuned to the max, but still! As a songwriter, the tunes are pretty catchy but in a cool, non-childish way.

I was so impressed with the lyrics and the composition of the song "I'm a Robot Repairman", I just had to post it! Don't you think it's pretty cool for a kids track? Don't judge me ;) 



Capitan Crazy Poopy Pants said...

I liked the first minute, after that it was kindda meh... But the repeated "all systems, a-ok" was awesome.

Unknown said...

Yeah! You really need to hear a few more tracks like the Sock song. Very cool and Bollywood like ;)


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